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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

For convenient and fuss-free shopping, Sa Watsons Ako!

From shopping for favorites to making new discoveries, top health, wellness, and beauty retailer Watsons has always been the partner of Filipinos in attaining their shopping goals.

That’s because Watsons has the widest array of products and the best deals for every budget at its online channels and over 900 stores nationwide.

Whatever your goal is—getting good deals on maintenance medication for your family, finding the new skincare viral trends or getting your items at the branch nearest you or at your doorstep--Watsons is always evolving in its mission of helping you reach your goals.

For new and exciting health and beauty finds, Sa Watsons Ako!

One of the things shoppers look forward to when they visit Watsons is that there’s always something new and exciting. Every month, there is always a selection of new products for health, wellness, and beauty. Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is perfect for mask-wearers who want to highlight their eyes. Clean and glowing skin is always in: The new SNAILWHITE Pink Vitamin C Micellar Soap and Olay Body Science Beauty Bar Cleansing Brightening are two new soaps worth trying. Strengthen your skin with Collagen by Watsons Booster Essence and make sure your hair gets a lot of love with Naturals by Watsons Coffee Shampoo. For March, check out these new health and wellness finds: GRIPGO® (Paracetamol/Caffeine Anhydrous/Phenylephrine HCl/Chlorpheniramine Maleate), ZzzQuil Natura Sleep Melatonin 24 Gummies and Hakubi White C Tablets. Also new on the shelves is Hygienix Alcohol Body Spray, which you can use to sanitize your hands while smelling good.

For Exclusives, Sa Watsons Ako!

Shopping at Watsons means having access to Exclusives—brands and products you won’t find anywhere else. Always look your best with VICE Keriboom Lip Glozzz and Luxe Organix Castor Oil Mascara Serum. Dove Women Aluminum Free Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant helps you smell good all the time. Drink your way to beauty and good health by taking Mosbeau Collagen Plus and Snow Caps Glutathione (which comes with free soap). Enjoy the high quality of Watsons-branded products at affordable prices. These include Watsons 3D Face Masks, Watsons Isopropyl Alcohol, Watsons Love My Little Ones Baby Diaper Jumbo Pack Large, Watsons Cream Scented Body Wash Calamansi, Watsons Milk Protein Treatment Wax and Watsons Collagen White Regeneration Body Lotion.

For health essentials delivered to my doorstep monthly, Sa Watsons Ako!

Watsons Subscribe and Save Program is a convenient way to shop and stock up on your health essentials. Enjoy savings of up to 40% on your vitamins and other medicines when you choose a monthly subscription with Watsons! Go for a stronger immune system with Watsons Ascorbic Acid. For daily doses of multi-vitamins and supplements, take your pick from Berocca, Centrum Advance, Forti-D, and Conzace. Watsons Collagen + Vitamin C + Zinc Capsule and Watsons Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Glutathione Effervescent Tablet and  Poten Cee + C Vitamin C + Collagen are beauty supplements and vitamins for the skin that are easy to take. For overall wellness, a cup of MGX Plus 4-in-1 Coffee Mix daily keeps you healthy. Save money on your hygiene supply by buying a gallon of Watsons Ethyl Alcohol. For more information about Subscribe and Save, go to

For special membership card privileges, Sa Watsons Ako!

Get Members Only exclusives and special deals when you’re a Watsons Card or Watsons Elite Card member. You can earn points while you shop and earn twice the points when you buy Watsons brand products. On your birthday month, you earn five times the points! This lifetime membership also gives you a lot of Member-exclusive offers. Not a member yet? Sign up to be a member when you download the app through this link:  

For convenient and fuss-free shopping, Sa Watsons Ako!

Shop anytime, anywhere with Watsons.

Shop online via (  or via the mobile app ( Get your Watsons orders in 4 hours or less via Watsons Express Delivery (Available in Metro Manila and select areas in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal for orders made before 5 p.m.)

Shop from home with Watsons Call & Delivery service, where you can order your health and beauty essentials and have them delivered to your home within 24 hours! Check out this link to see the store nearest you: Delivery hours are from 11 AM to 5 PM, Mondays to Sundays. Cut-off for same day delivery is 4 PM.

You can also visit any of their 900+ stores nationwide (

For more information about “Sa Watsons Ako,” you may visit  

Make sure you meet all your health, wellness and beauty goals at Watsons. When you’re trying to live your life to the fullest and you want only the best for you and your family, Sa Watsons Ako!



  1. Ang Dami talagang mabibili sa Watson na needs natin for our health and less hassle napaka convenient pa 🥰

  2. Yess the best tlga ang watson's halos lahat ng needs natin ay andito na ❤️

  3. The best talaga ang watsons💚YES SA WATSONS TAYO!💚

  4. Very convenient and hassle free❤️Kaya yes to WatsonsPh 😍

  5. The best din talaga namili ng mga need natin sa Watson lalo na your ng healthcare products.


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