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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Women’s Inspiring Winning Moments Spotlighted by ZP Therapeutics


“Babae ka, hindi babae lang.” 


Women have always proved that they are way more than what society limits them to be. That’s 

why it is only fitting to highlight their triumphs – exactly what leading healthcare company ZP 

Therapeutics (ZPT) did this International Women’s Month! 


Virtually, ZPT spotlighted When Women Win: Hear These Feel-Good Stories of Pinays Thriving 

In Their Chosen Fields. Hosted by Bianca Valerio, the session gathered a powerhouse of Pinays 

from different fields to elevate their inspiring success stories – Founder and CEO of Ideal Visa 

Consultancy Charity Delmo, award-winning stage actress Sheenly Gener, President and Founder 

of Rags2Riches Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, and Founder and CEO of Style Genie, Abbie Victorino. 

Even our host Bianca is a lady boss herself being a life coach and author. 


Trust us, these introductions don’t even do justice to what these extraordinary ladies have 



Truly, these women have broken the glass ceiling. But behind the waves that they’ve created are 

unique challenges. Sheenly fearlessly detailed how a single mom like her rose in the film and 

stage industry, arenas that are dominated by men. Reese, on the other hand, shared how she’s 

always mistaken as an assistant to a male CEO, making her realize how women’s 

accomplishments are usually undermined. “Every time we needed to explain ourselves again and 

again, we know that there's still a lot of work to be done”, she says. 


How do they confront these struggles? Softness, which Reese described as “a strength in itself. 

There are so many things in this world where when we apply softness, it solves the problem”. 

Charity agreed, especially as a woman leader. Did you know that this boss babe encourages her 

employees to choose family commitments over work if ever schedules conflict? Truly, empowered 

women empower women!


As they take charge of their own careers, they make sure to take care of their well-being, too. 

Abbie shared that aside from watching K-dramas, self-care with the help of their trusted ZP 

Therapeutics products enables her to push harder. Some of their holy grails include Physiogel 

and Hakubi White C which nurture their skin and Xenical which maintains their healthy figure. 

With the help of Propan TLC, they are also assured that their kids are well-taken care of as they 

hustle hard. Thanks to these staples, they have a confidence boost to reach their goals throughout 

their journey. 


When you don’t let restrictions hinder their success, anything is possible. ZPT’s celebration 

reminds us that the journeys and victories of modern Pinays deserve to be highlighted. Despite 

all odds, she strives, she thrives, and most of all, she wins. 


Be inspired by these moments when women win. Watch ZP Therapeutics’ FB Live in full through 

this link:


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  1. Yay so inspiring po worth it basahin gusto ko to babae ka hindi babae lang🌸🌸

  2. Super ganda nito mga momsh! And very impressive talaga ,! Best women

  3. Tlga nman maraming kababaihan ang nkaka inspire gaya nito ❤️😍 babae tayo ndi babae lang 💪❤️

  4. Yes babae tayo hindi babae lang💪💪🥰nakakainspire naman🤗💗🌸


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