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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Solane LPG urges the public to be vigilant and alert this fire prevention month


A recent report by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) caused alarm among the general public – fire incidents jumped by almost 13% compared to the same period last year, mostly caused by faulty electrical wiring. As March brings in the annual Fire Prevention Awareness campaign spearheaded by the BFP, the private sector amplifies government efforts by eliminating causes of tragic accidents from the source.


Solane LPG, the country’s leading LPG brand, has led 9 raids so far in different areas of the country from the beginning of the year to fight against dangerous, substandard, and illegal LPGs that may cause fires and explosions in unsuspecting households.


To date, 124 counterfeit Solane tanks, along with marked money, transaction receipts, fake plastic seals and other items, have been confiscated in Metro Manila, Camarines Norte, Cagayan, Sorsogon and Quirino. 


BFP constantly reminds consumers to buy authentic LPG tanks from authorized dealers to prevent explosions and fire-related incidents. While this may be tricky for some, Solane has made it easy for the public to be sure that their purchase is verified Solane with three simple markers: the weight, the markings and the valve of its tanks. 

Authentic filled LPG tanks’ weight corresponds to the total of its indicated tare weight and LPG content. To ensure such, Solane performs the ‘Timbang Challenge.’ Solane also ensures quality markings on its tanks, including the registered brand name and trademark of manufacturer, standard used and test dates, serial or code number, ‘Made in the Philippines’ mark, tare weight and LPG content, and expiry date. Lastly, genuine Solane LPG tanks come with a safety cap and seal with a serial number for verification


Since January of this year, there have already been numerous LPG-related fire incidents reported in different parts of the country, from Metro Manila and surrounding cities to provincial areas of Cebu and Bacolod. Whether commercial or residential space, life and property will always be at risk if products used are not properly checked or difficult to use.


“At Solane, fire prevention is a quality we uphold every single day, not just in March,” emphasized Valeri Villano, Marketing Manager. “There’s a lot of work that go into our tanks and into our products because we value the trust that customers place in our brand. They welcome us into their homes, and they are sure that we keep their homes, their businesses, and everyone safe at all times. 


“The danger happens when customers choose the wrong product.”


Moreover, Solane’s AS valve (de salpak) so has a snap-on auto shutoff feature that brings human error down to a minimum.


“With everything that our customers have to deal with on a daily basis, we’ve made sure that our Solane tanks are always safe to use so it doesn’t have to add to the stress they experience everyday,” said Villano. “So much has changed in the past two years, including who goes into the kitchen and how often people use the kitchen. It’s our job to make sure that Solane remains easy to use any time of the day.”


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