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Thursday, July 7, 2022

The #ArielDareToWearWhite challenge, Think you’re up for it?

After enduring the longest lockdown in the world, finally, Filipinos are slowly stepping out of their homes. Going out is in again!


And in celebration, popular Tiktokers like Ayn Bernos, Small Laude, Nana Silayro, Justine Luzares, and Rain Matienzo (aka “Trophy Wife”) are showing off their head-turning ALL-WHITE OOTDs through a new challenge that has already taken over TikTok’s FYP.


The #ArielDareToWearWhite challenge. Think you’re up for it?



Dare to Wear White Outside

In the most recent #ArielDareToWearWhite challenge, Filipinos are fearlessly wearing their white OOTDs outdoors – anywhere from the office, restos, and even the gym where they’re bound to encounter stain-prone situations[M(1] . Yikes!


Everyone knows stains are such a pain, even more so on white clothes because it’s so halata! Tough-to-remove[M(2]  stains like rust, wine, pasta sauce, and coffee among others make it especially riskier because they could potentially ruin our white clothes FOREVER!



But fear not because #WalangForever stains with NEW Ariel Detox! Unlike other detergents, Ariel Detox has power booster technology that can remove tough stains by detoxifying 99.9% of visible stains and hidden impurities, keeping your clothes white! 

This is why Tiktokers can now #ArielDareToWearWhite outside. [A(4] [M(5] 


Moms Are Making the Switch

For so long, Pinoy moms have been searching for a solution that can completely get stains out of their family’s white clothes. Every hack has been explored — from applying baking soda to soaking the clothes in white vinegar to even squeezing on calamansi! It’s a common dilemma that not even a thorough wash using just ordinary detergent can fix.

[A(6] [M(7] 

After going through various “tried and tested” fixes and even family secret recipes, Pinoy moms have found that only Ariel Detox, with its power booster technology, can deep clean down to the last fiber, removing the toughest of stains and preventing yellowing.


Whitest Whites

So don’t let your fear of stains stop you from conquering the outside world in your whitest white OOTDs. Join the #ArielDareToWearWhite challenge on TikTok and share your all-white transition looks—powered by Ariel Detox.


Visit P&G Ariel Shopee and Lazada stores to shop the NEW Ariel Detox!


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