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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Begin your transformative journey with a Holistic Detox Program at The Farm at San Benito

The New Year holds the promise of boundless possibilities. Like a blank slate or fresh new page, it empowers us to start anew. 


This holds especially true where our health and wellness resolutions are concerned. The first few days of every year inspire us all to live a healthier and fuller life… and this transformative journey begins with a HOLISTIC DETOX PROGRAM AT THE FARM AT SAN BENITO.

The Holistic Detox Program was specifically designed to support a healthy, safe, and effective cleanse. While ridding the body and mind of elements and energies that no longer serve, the holistic program also nourishes through nutrition, movement and mindfulness. 

The Holistic Detox experience includes highly specialized treatments like colon and kidney cleansing, as well as psycho-emotional clearing. Throughout the retreat, healthier habits to jumpstart the year are introduced through delicious vegan flavors, mindful movement, and functional fitness. 

Clarity, Vitality and Total Body Reset to Start the Year Right. Throughout the retreat, guests are encouraged to drink high nutrition fruits and vegetables. Juicing allows the digestive organs to reset while filling the body with fresh, clean plant-based energy. Other health benefits of juicing to detox include: sustained vitality, mental clarity, enhanced immunity, and speedy cellular healing. For optimum results, a six-night retreat comes highly recommended. 


The Complete Detox Experience at The Farm at San Benito. Although there are many at-home or do-it-yourself detox programs available, retreats at The Farm offer the complete experience. Treatments are supervised by internationally trained integrative medical doctors and health experts, while utilizing the best of nature and science. 

Dr. Marian Alonzo, Medical Chief at The Farm shares: “Regular detoxification is essential in bringing back the body’s naturally healthy state. While there is an abundance of do-it-yourself detox programs in the market, there are key components that are oftentimes neglected or not properly addressed. This results in a weakened immune system and a body that is unable to function properly. Bodies are like machines – for it to work properly it needs regular maintenance, periodic check-ups, and the right parts and process to make sure it will work. It cannot work 24/7 if you do not treat it properly.” 

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