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Monday, January 23, 2023

MR.DIY items you can easily buy for home improvement this 2023!

With the holiday season officially over, now is a good time to re-evaluate and set new goals for 2023. Whatever your new year’s resolution is, MR.DIY is here to help you achieve it by providing the most useful things at home for your convenience!  

Whether you’re looking at sprucing up your home or taking time to prioritize self-care in 2023, here are household items you can easily buy at the largest one-stop shop for home improvement.

# 1 – Design and decorate your furniture and interior spaces

A brand-new year often symbolizes new beginnings, but starting anew doesn’t necessarily mean leaving everything behind. Do not let your dilapidated but still functioning home furniture go to waste; restore them with wooden PVC foil. If you want to further amplify your space and give it a fresh new look, opt for a nice wallpaper that you can install in any part of your home effortlessly. MR.DIY offers a variety of wallpaper designs and PVC foils that you can choose from!

# 2 – Spice up your bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the areas of your home that needs the most attention. Thankfully, MR.DIY has cleaning aids and tools such as a toilet brush set, toilet bowl deodorizer, and gel air freshener to help you get rid of the unnecessary dirt and smell in your bathroom. While you’re at it, add a bathroom holder to keep your vanity and shower area organized!

# 3 – Organize and declutter your space

Keeping your home clean is one way to have a clear mind. Avoid building up clutter with MR.DIY’s storage boxes. Having these home basics will save you from doing trivial tasks and give you more time for more important household chores. As you organize and tidy up, it is inevitable to spot some dirt along the way. Upgrade your regular sponges to MR.DIY’s sponge handles to make it easier for you to scrub those hard surfaces with a sturdy grip

# 4 – Kitchen essentials to keep you prepared and on-the-go

Moving on to kitchen essentials — why not give your refrigerator an upgrade? With all the food stock left behind over the holidays and the Lunar New Year, it’s not a bad idea to clean out your fridge. Upgrade your refrigerator tidying up game for as low as 50 Php!

Come do your post-Christmas and Lunar New Year essentials haul at MR.DIY! Come check out these items and many more when you head to any of MR.DIY’s branches in the Philippines. With over 300 stores, you can surely find a store near you today! 

To learn more about MR.DIY and its products, visit You may also follow /mrdiyPH on Facebook, and @mrdiy.philippines on Instagram and Tiktok for updates and upcoming promos.

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