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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Achieving your personal and wellness goals can be simplified with these five recommendations

Health trends come and go, but the emphasis on staying healthy while on-the-go remains, especially with our modern lifestyles. With the rise of social media, countless fitness fads and diets have cropped up in online articles, viral posts and trending videos. And with the alarming health concerns that arose due to the pandemic, the attitude towards taking care of one’s health has become more proactive – incorporating fun activities to health and wellness routines without compromising current lifestyles.


Without exerting too much effort, you can still be healthy and ready to pursue your goals and aspirations in life, especially with the help of food supplements made from natural substances that can boost your energy and immunity while you’re on-the-go. Achieving your personal and wellness goals can be simplified with these five recommendations.


Eat right for you  

Eating nutritious food and having balanced serving sizes might be a challenge with food delivery apps always available at our beck and call and new restaurants popping out left and right. There’s no denying that it can be tempting to order food or eat out because of all the New Year promos and discounts. As part of your New Year’s resolution, you can manage your diet and eat healthy, while also not compromising your happiness and appetite.


Do not restrict yourself from eating, but be better at choosing food with the proper amount of calories and nutrients. Meal planning and recipe apps can help support your goal of eating right by planning your meals ahead and keeping track of your calories and diet. APL GO lozenges can also help support your digestion with its Multi-Spectrum (MLS) drops that help maintain your healthy gut microbiome and digestive processes. With proper exercise and a healthy diet, this may also support your already normal gastrointestinal wellbeing and feeling of vitality and renewal - allowing you to have that added support on your journey to eating healthy.


Exercise can be fun


Exercising doesn’t require great feats of strength, speed or agility. There are various alternatives to intense workouts that emerged since staying at home became the norm like sit-down chair exercises, online aerobics sessions, and the like. Doing activities you enjoy like walking your beloved pets or a friendly game of badminton with friends can be considered workouts too, as long as you get your body up and moving. As long as you manage to get 150 hours of moderate physical activity in a week, then you’ll be able to stay in shape.

And with all the activities you have planned, your body needs support in order to keep up. APL GO’s Get Strength (GTS) supports the body’s vitality and endurance while Grow (GRW) drops maintain the body’s natural alert and active immune responses. Perfect to keep you up on your feet all day long. 


Get enough sleep


Having enough sleep can improve a person’s health substantially, helping our bodies and minds function properly for the day to come. With all of the activities we try to fit in a day, sleeping is a must to regain the strength we lost and replenish our energy. Do yourself a favor and try to have a good night's sleep whenever you can.


To be able to sleep well, you also have to let your mind and body relax. APL GO’s Relax (RLX) can help take the load off and give you the rest you deserve. RLX drops support your body’s ability to achieve relaxation and mental calmness, perfect for aiding in your sleep.


Exercise your brain


As they say, the mind is the most powerful tool in a person’s body because it has the power to affect the physical status and emotional well-being of an individual. Which is why, aside from exercising your body, you also need to exercise your brain. Puzzles and games can help keep your mind sharp as you shift to problem-solving mode, while reading books, listening to podcasts, or even jamming along on your favorite songs can help your brain make new connections between topics and themes that you care about.


APL GO’s Brainy (BRN) can help support your cognitive abilities, active concentration and focus. BRN drops have essential nutrients that support your established cognitive clarity for learning, thinking, managing mental stress, and alertness.


Spend time with your loved ones


Time flies, so spend it with the people you love the most, doing things that you enjoy - eating your favorite food, retelling memorable stories, hanging out and having fun.


To state the obvious, all these activities require an active and healthy body. Support your body’s daily activities by taking APL GO’s Power (PWR) drops, which comes in lemon flavor for men and apricot flavor for women. This helps maintain vitality for 

active lifestyles while maintaining your mood balance during times of occasional stress.


APL GO’s delicious candy-like supplements can help support you as you live your life on-the-go, especially as we enter a new year. Enjoy the important moments in life without uncertainties about your wellbeing. With proper diet and exercise and additional support from APL GO, you can manage your lifestyle and achieve your health and wellness goals on-the-go.


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