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Saturday, July 22, 2023

SM Foundation's Commitment to Urban Farming

Welcome to the inspiring world of Urban Farming, where the soil beneath our feet holds the promise of positive change and transformation. At the forefront of this endeavor stands the SM Foundation, steering the course of progress through its visionary Kabalikat Sa Kabuhayan on Sustainable Agriculture Program (KSK-SAP). Through this remarkable initiative, the foundation is sowing the seeds of hope, prosperity, and environmental stewardship in urban landscapes.

The heart of the KSK-SAP beats for the upliftment of farmer communities and the cultivation of environmental consciousness. The initiative is grounded in a profound commitment to food security and the creation of sustainable livelihood and income opportunities for marginalized urban dwellers. In the bustling metropolises, where concrete and steel dominate the horizon, urban farming emerges as a beacon of promise, enriching lives and bringing communities closer to nature.

At the core of the KSK-SAP lies a comprehensive program, thoughtfully designed to empower individuals with invaluable skills and knowledge. From urban farming techniques to product development, marketing strategies, and even basic accounting, the foundation extends a helping hand to those yearning for self-reliance and growth.

Over the course of its journey, the KSK program has already accomplished remarkable feats. With more than 260 sustainable agricultural trainings conducted, the lives of 28,550 farmers have been positively impacted. The program’s influence knows no bounds, extending its reach to both rural and urban settings alike. Participants have been exposed to the secrets of sustainable farming, cultivating a bountiful harvest of nutritious, high-quality vegetables and fruits.

This noble initiative wouldn’t have flourished without the unwavering support of esteemed partners. Collaborating hand-in-hand with the SM Foundation are SM Supermalls and SM Markets, alongside crucial government agencies and local government units. The Department of Agriculture, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Tourism, and the Quezon City Government stand united in their commitment to ensuring the triumph of this remarkable program.

As an example, the SM Foundation has brought SM Supermalls and SM Markets into the picture so that as these urban farmers successfully harvest, they’re given an opportunity to market and sell their produce at the Sunday Markets that are now being held in several malls across the nation. When the produce reaches a volume that goes beyond this Sunday marketing mechanism, the SM Markets offer other alternatives.

It’s about creating integration and circularity so that a mini-economic ecosystem is realized. After all, it can’t be about teaching them what and how to farm and then leaving them with no outlet with which to monetize this harvest. The SM Foundation creates these strategic partnerships so that true income opportunities become part of the overall scenario.

Who would have thought that this vision of Henry Sy, Sr., back in 2007, would have been so uncanny in predicting the mounting problems and issues we face today in agriculture, sustainable food production, food security, and urban development? It’s a vision and dream that those in the SM Foundation are very proud to carry on, and deliver.

SM is in the business of creating a sustainable environment. From being the first to consider renewable energy in mall buildings, to implementing energy-saving devices, we continue to meet significant sustainability milestones. 

Join the commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle at smgreenmovement.comand #SMGreenMovement

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