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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Knorr inspire moms create the wonder of flavor with "Sarap ng #LutongNanay"

The kitchen always reminds me of my mother. The best mechado in the world definitely belongs to her. Its unusual to mix coconut milk with mechado, but my mother who is our top chef whips the dish like magic because it tastes good hands down.  Her top recipes include Ginataang Page (stingray), kilawing tuna, and chicken curry. I knew my mother could cook when I first had a taste of her malagkit (sticky) champorado with dilis, cheese and toasted bread. Its not normal but its how the way we liked it. Now that I have my own family, I always make it a point to visit her and bring her any food along the way. I love my nanay for all its worth. I will never trade her signature recipes for anything in the world.

Knorr celebrates "Sarap ng  #Lutong Nanay" last November 20, at Blue Leaf, BGC. Christine Jacobs Sandejas hosted the show with Knorr Ambassador Carmina Villaroel Legaspi and fellow mom influencers Dimples Romana, Delamar Arias, Pia Guanio and Danica Sotto. Together, they cooked the traditional dishes with a twists. When we signed in at the registration, we were given numbers to witness or cook with the  Knorr influencer. I was given number 3 which was Danica Sotto_Pingris'. We and other bloggers sat infront of her while she cooked Pork sinigang with Knorr sinigang mix and  watermelon.

A survey reveals that  in the Philippines – where home cooking remains an important component of family life – almost 80 percent of young people aged between 23 and 27 admitted they cannot cook.

From among more than 1,000 respondents surveyed, the top two reasons mentioned by respondents on why they do not cook as often, are a lack of confidence and inadequate knowledge about recipes.

Many Filipino moms aspire to be great cooks and they want to serve flavorful meals which have a positive impact on their families. However, it is not always easy: her decreasing confidence coupled with the increasing demands on her time, make this very difficult in a modern world.

“Home-cooking is in decline but Knorr is fighting back here in the Philippines to inspire and help moms create the wonder of their flavor, and build lifelong family bonds,” declares Oliver Sicam, Unilever’s Marketing Director for Foods.

Knorr is determined to make mom-cooked flavor matter again by inspiring people to cook more at home and by showing how mom-cooked flavors are the real key to the powerful bonds mothers yearn to build with their loved ones.

The “Sarap ng #LutongNanay” Movement

Knorr aims to ensure that meals prepared by moms remain an integral part of home life, so that strong family bonds continue to move the world forward. We call this “Sarap ng #LutongNanay,” a movement that is backed by the latest scientific discoveries.

Working with leaders in the field has confirmed that mom-cooked flavors help create memories which reach parts of the brain that other experiences cannot. The way the brain connects memories with the wonderful flavors cooked by mom for children, creates deeper and more vivid emotions than any other.

World-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Stuart Firestein, PHD from New York’s Columbia University has been carrying out research into the wonder of mom-cooked flavors for many years. “Flavors she cooks up in her kitchen reach the parts of the brain, heart and soul that other things just can’t reach,” says Firestein.

“What continues to fascinate me is how the brain instinctively knows that certain flavors and foods have the power to mean more to us than just sustenance. This is called sensory recall and is a phenomenon which demonstrates how the brain is hard-wired to respond in certain ways to different tastes and smells.  Even over time and distance, when we taste mom’s cooking, it transports us back to a special place and a unique memory,” he adds.

Knorr’s “Sarap ng #LutongNanay” movement is lead by its new brand ambassador, Carmina Villarroel. Cooking for her husband and twins, Carmina knows how important sharing food with loved ones is. These days, when each minute must be spent wisely, cooking at home is made more convenient for modern moms like Carmina with Knorr. Even the simplest dishes become more meaningful because they’re made with love by mom right at home.

According to Knorr Senior Brand Manager Jec Inocencio, “The “Sarap ng #LutongNanay” movement is just one of the many ways Knorr continues to prove that it understands modern moms’ needs, whilst developing a new generation of cooking moms, by providing convenient cooking solutions without sacrificing taste that families crave and love.”

Knorr’s “Sarap ng #LutongNanay” empowers moms to know their way around the kitchen, to encourage them to spend even just a few minutes each day to see what they can make for and with their families. It can be yet another occasion to strengthen bonds and to create memories that last a lifetime. Long after meals have been served, children will remember with fondness the times spent with mom experimenting in the kitchen. That there were things learned and laughter shared.

For more details on the event and everything Knorr, follow Knorr Philippines on Facebook. For recipes you can make for your families and share with fellow moms, visit


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