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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lotus Biscoff, truly a first class experience

When speculoos hit Manila last year, there was an overwhelmed demand for the cookie butter spread. Almost everyone craved for that rich smooth butter taste. Until I discovered the Lotus Biscoff at Healthy Options, it was the creamiest delicious spread I have tasted aside from its competitor. Now, the famous "in-flight treat" Lotus Biscoff's caramelized biscuit  has arrived in Manila from Europe, it is best to pair the soft delicious biscuit to your coffee,  be it espresso or latte.

 Fly Ace Corporation distributed Lotus Biscoff’s caramelized biscuits in Manila. The launch was held  last November 19, 2014 at Society Lounge Makati. Ms. Daphne Osena hosted the event with executives from Belgium headed by Mr. Bart Bauwens and Fly Ace Corporation President Mr. Lucio Cochangco Jr.,  Known as “The In-Flight Treat” with more than 90 million Biscoff Cookies consumed last year in the U.S. alone, Lotus Biscoff finally lands in Manila all the way from Europe, offering a truly first class experience.

Take a bite of the deliciously crunchy Lotus Biscoff caramelized biscuits and we know what you’ll be craving for next – a sip of hot, freshly-brewed coffee. There’s no other way to enjoy your cup than with a bite of this original Belgian specialty.Since 1932, Biscoff cookies have been Europe’s coffee break favorite.  It is baked in the small Belgium town of Lembeke, in the same location where its founders, the Boone brothers, opened their first bakery. Once the cookies were packed, the brothers would drive around town in their trademark red truck to deliver these prized treats. Eight decades later and the recipe still remains. It was in the 1950s when Lotus introduced pairing these cookies with coffee, which then became a routine in Belgian hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. Soon, Lotus Biscoff became “Europe’s Favorite Cookie with Coffee.”

And then, in 1985, Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee became America’s favorite cookie with air travel. Lotus Biscoff introduced Biscoff cookies as an in-flight treat through the exhausting, intense experience of long flights, multiple connections, or simply just being away from loved ones. It became a welcome mid-flight break that reminded fliers of the comforts of home and help them relax. Lotus is still offered in Delta Air Lines (US), Brussels Airlines (Belgium), Middle East Airlines (Lebanon) and El Al (Israel).

The unique taste comes from the sugar’s caramelization during the baking process. A hint of cinnamon and other spices add that special twist to Lotus Biscoff. If these crunchy biscuits do not satisfy your craving, then you wouldn’t be able to resist Lotus Biscoff spread. The sweet, creamy, European spread is an alternative to nut butters and chocolate spreads. It is the only spread made with original Biscoff cookies. Have it straight from the jar, lather it on toast, mix it with fruit slices, or add it as a secret ingredient to your favorite recipes. Both the cookies and the spread are made with no artificial color or preservatives, 0 grams trans-fat per serving and zero cholesterol. It has no nuts and is completely non-GMO.Lotus Biscoff cookies and spreads arejust the perfect treat for the timeout that you deserve.

Manila’s truly first class experience is set at the red and posh Society Lounge in Makati. Airline counters manned by attendants greet the guests for check-in. Overflowing coffee will be served by Allegro Beverage Corporation. Renowned French Chef Patrice of Society Lounge serves a delicious array of dishes infused with Biscoff biscuits and spreads. Another highlight of the event is the Biscoff Creations which will showcase Tiny Kitchen’s Vicky Veloso’s interpretation of the Lotus Biscoff biscuits and spread including Mini Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls, Mini Biscoff Cupcakes, and Crazy Biscoff Parfait. And finally, setting the mood to this first class experience is gorgeous Daphne OsenaPaez as host.

In Manila, Lotus Biscoff is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation. For more than 40 years, Fly Ace Corporation has been bringing to Filipino homes well-loved brands such as Old Orchard, Welch’s, Mott’s, Crumpy, Franzia, and Concha Y Toro among others, and house brands such as Jolly, Dona Elena, Al Dente, and Jolly Cow. Lotus Biscoff will soon make its way to supermarkets, restaurants, and specialty stores, for everyone to discover the unique taste of Biscoff. Choose from the following Lotus Biscoff products: Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelized Biscuit in 125g, 250g, 1.875kg, 156g, 124g, 500g and Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelized Biscuit TwinpackInnerbox 20x25g. Lotus Biscoff Spread Smooth 400g and Crunchy 380g will also be available in the Philippine market.

Now, sit back and enjoy the journey. There is no stress on this flight. Instead, a truly first class experience! Learn more about Lotus Biscoff at

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