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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Luis Manzano is the New Maldita Man

The 33-year old actor and host was handpicked by Maldita to be its new endorser for the Maldita Man.  Luis Manzano has joined Nikki Gil for the Maldita campaign. What is it about Luis Manzano that makes him so lucky? nowadays,  aside of course getting the stint as the endorser for the Maldita Man.

There’s just something about that Luis Manzano wit and charm that makes the ladies gush and swoon, and sometimes even giggle. Hereditary gifts of his pedigreed lineage perhaps? Maldita gives you ten reasons why.

His girlfriend is gorgeous. He is confident. He is sexy (or he thinks he’s sexy). He is witty. He is charming. He is born LUCKY! He has three TV shows. He's got great genes. He looks great in MALDITA MAN.

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