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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

LBC Express, Inc launches LBC 360 to benefit all type of businesses

LBC Express, Inc., the country’s largest cargo and logistics firm, recently launched LBC 360, the first and only fully integrated payment and logistics platform in the Philippines last November 21 at
 Whitespace, Makati.

Given this unique and homegrown perspective, a Filipino company with global size, reach, and knowledge has developed a game-changer for local commerce.  By lending its capabilities to Filipino companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes, supply chain difficulties will become virtually obsolete.

“We have purposely designed LBC 360 to benefit all types of businesses, from brick-and-mortar to click-and-portal,” noted Mia Bulatao, LBC Associate Vice President for Customer Relationship Management. “Moreover, LBC 360 allows businesses to scale their operations however they want to: whether it’s a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) seeking to streamline its operations, or a Multinational Corporation (MNC) that wants to gain more access to a global market, LBC 360 offers fully customizable end-to-end solution,” she added.

Even a cursory review of the suite’s features validates its name: Online store solutions (e.g. Storefront development, Storefront Operations & Support, Order Management); Logistics solutions (e.g. Pick-up, Forwarding, Stock and Warehouse Management); Payment solutions (e.g. Payment Acceptance and Processing, Collections and Disbursement, Money Transfers & Remittance, and its unique offering, Safe Exchange); Delivery & Branch solutions (e.g. Door-to-door Delivery, Multi-point Scheduled Pick-up, Branch Pick-up); and Ancillary solutions (e.g. Direct Marketing, Order Taking, Micro-financing).

“In a manner of speaking, LBC 360 takes the guesswork out of setting up and expanding a business. We do most of the heavy lifting,” said LBC Chief Marketing Officer Javier Mantecon. “In addition, LBC 360 opens up a world of suppliers and customers to companies. Thanks to this seamless platform, distance and geography are no longer an issue for businesses that want to explore international markets,” he further enthused.

LBC recently underwent a comprehensive rebranding, aimed to better reflect its magnitude and renewed focus on innovation, service excellence, and passion.
“Our commitment to moving lives, businesses, and communities fuels our drive to bring game-changers like LBC360 into the market. LBC360 represents our company’s faith in and support for the Filipino entrepreneur as well as our contribution to moving the country forward,” said Mantecon.

For more information on LBC 360, you may visit; or call the following hotlines: 8585-999 (Metro Manila), 1-800-10-8585-999 (Provincial).

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