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Monday, June 1, 2015

Gerry's "refreshes" Megamall branch, brings Old Manila to new Aseana Branch

Ambiance, soft lighting and a relaxed atmosphere plus great filipino food makes me want to visit Gerry's over and over again. If I want to spend some time and enjoy my food, Gerry's SM Mega Strip B is now in my priority list of restaurant to visit.

Gerry's Grill Mega Strip B has that relaxed vibe feel to it, plus it offers function room for private party and or meetings. My favorite dish at Gerry's is their Beef Kare-kare and Grilled Pusit, the creamy and thick sauce with slight peanutty sweetness compliments the Grilled pusit. They are simply the best partner to go with their ripe mango shake.

Gerry's invited bloggers to take a peek at the newly revamped Gerry's Mega Strip B last May 28. The homey cozy feel makes you want to stay longer.

“We have set a new standard to ensure that we provide customers not only the best Filipino dishes but fast, efficient service and a cozy ambiance. We want diners to have that experience of being in a restaurant where they will feel relaxed, and comfortable,” said Francis Villaluz, Gerry’s Senior Marketing Manager.

"It’s important that guests feast not only with what they eat but with what they see inside the restaurant," he added. That’s the principle behind the two restaurants' new looks.

At Gerry’s Megamall, the main wall of the dining area is decked with foliage, which is installed with a fully automated water system to nourish them.  “The lighting is calibrated in a way that it has the same effect as sunlight. Nothing could be more refreshing,” explains Villaluz.

They served the best filipino appetizer food like sizzling kangkong with roaster garlic on top, green mango salad with pork, fried tilapia with savory eggplant, tuna sisig (my new favorite), and grilled stuffed bangus. and sinigang na hipon!

Sizzling Kangkong  with roasted garlic p155

Tuna sisig 

The Fried Pla-Pla or Tilapia with eggplant salad 

Green Mango Salad--  p135

Meantime, the 250-seater Aseana branch sports an updated version of Old Manila surrounded by balconies, as well as, huge windows of varying designs. Chairs are a mix and match design which is a first for us  “We want guests to feel that they are enjoying their favorite Gerry’s dishes with family and friends in a huge patio,” Gerry’s senior marketing chief said.

“Remember the old joke about a guest wanting to take out “ambiance” so that they can slash the total bill? We're the same Gerry’s where you can enjoy your favorite comfort food – Kare Kare, Crispy Pata, Grilled Pusit, and many others. We’ve put a premium on ambiance but our prices remain the same. We are very affordable,” explains Villaluz.

Gerry’s currently has 71 branches nationwide. It has two branches in the US and Singapore, and soon to be two in Qatar as well.

Gerry’s Group of Companies has expanded its brand concepts – Gerry’s Plus, Ramen Sora, Sweet Chili, and Kusina ng Gerry’s. Yakitori Binchotan is set to be launched next month in Cebu.
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