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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Boompods are now available in the Philippines through Lazada Philippines

Here comes the boom!

You will never listen to music the same way again. Boompods, the latest gadget brand which offers wireless portable speakers, headphones, and powerbanks, is now available in the Philippines. Coming in all shapes and sizes and sporting a cooler-than-cool look, Boompods are also lightweight and fits easily in bags – making it an essential lifestyle piece.

Audio enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the crisp and full-bodied sound quality from the unique pod form of the Boompods, making audio-listening simply fantastic. So whether you enjoy bass-heavy dance music, rock, classic, or even jazz, Boompods will elevate your listening experience.

“We were looking at tech gadgets and we were, ‘Why are all the gadgets looking the same?’ I mean, speakers are square, music is coming out from the top, there’s no color, some of the companies are very conservative in their design, or it’s taking too long for newer models to come out. We said ‘Let’s challenge ourselves, can we actually make electronic gadgets like this,’” said Prem Balani, the founder of Boompods

Recently, Boompods has partnered with the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination – to expand its reach to more customers in the Philippines through the online commerce expertise of Lazada Philippines.  With more than 3M Facebook Fans and being one of the most visited website in the Philippines catering to a wide geographical reach, Boompods and Lazada Philippines’ partnership sets to usher in more innovative and cool products for more and more Filipinos to enjoy.

The Downdraft: The Wow Factor
One of Boompods’ fascinating products is the Downdraft. It is a downward-facing rechargeable speaker with breath-taking sound quality. It has wireless technology that lets you stream music from any Bluetooth enabled devices and makes listening easy and accessible. In fact, you can control the volume and tracks from your mobile phone.

The Doube Blaster: The Show-Stopper
Boompods will also be bringing the Doube Blaster – a wireless portable speaker coupled with a 3-watt speaker and passive subwoofer technology creating incredible bass and massive sound for up to 6 hours of playback. The Doube Blaster uses Bluetooth 3.0 transmission with an operating range of up to 10 meters and also supports wired media devices with a 3.5mm audio cable.

Enjoy your music while escaping the hassle of wires, compatible with all Bluetooth devices with Boompod’s wireless foldable headphones. Listen for up to 8 hours on a single charge. With 3 hours of charging time, simply use the USB charging cable to connect to any powered USB port. Its built-in mic and music audio controls feature on the LED earpiece allows for enhanced usability and convenience which are compatible with all iPhone handsets.

The powerful twin drivers enhanced bass and wide frequency range gives you the perfect combination of clear and balanced sound. With a 10m range and Bluetooth version 4.0, you can connect to Bluetooth devices in your bag or pockets, or roam about the room while streaming from a tablet or laptop.  Close on-ear headphone design blocks outside noise. Made from faux leather, the enlarged soft ear cushions mould around your ear for extreme comfort. It comes with matt black and white with a soft touch finish.

For travellers or if you’re always on-the-go, Boompods wireless compact travel headphones is perfect for you. These compact wireless headphones have an easy flat-fold design making them ideal for travelling. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing you to quickly connect to your Bluetooth device, with an operating range of up to 10 metres. The earpiece includes a built-in mic for taking calls and audio controls, allowing for enhanced usability and convenience. Contains built-in lithium battery with up to 10 hours playback, 185 standby hours and a speedy 2.5 hours charging time. Includes a 3.5mm audio cable which means you don’t have to rely on having fully charged Airpods to enjoy your music on the go.

With Boompods duo Lightning and Micro USB cable, no need for you to have multiple cables, the one meter Duocable is the simplest way to sync and charge your iPhone, Android and other Micro USB devices simultaneously from one USB outlet. This strong, stylish braided cable is the best solution to your numerous devices. 2-in-1 cable with compact and tangle-free design. It’s available in black, orange and blue.

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS7, brings great new features and a beautiful design but unfortunately it has also rendered many 3rd party Lightning accessories useless. Apple’s Made For iPhone program certifies that accessories are safe to charge and sync your Apple devices. Each Lightning accessory even has a tiny chip that certifies the accessory as MFi.

Boompods Maxpod portable recharger is an ideal portable backup battery pod for phones, tablets and USB devices. It has compact and tactile design. Charges through 2 smart charging ports and uses a large 5200mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery technology that will repower your phone, tablet or MP3 on the go. Check the charge level using the handy indicator, the 4 LED lights show the charging status and stored power. Features a power-down mode so if left on with no device connected, it will shut down automatically after 30 seconds to ensure the battery power is preserved for maximum usage.

Flatline USB charge – sync cables is another USB charger from Boompods with high quality flat charging cable for flexibility and convenience, its bold colour stands out from the crowd. Not only is the cable more desirable than just a black cord, it’s anodized metal ends brings a more luxury feel to an everyday product. Android version: 2 in 1 features- Micro to USB cable to charge and sync your devices at the fastest possible speed. The flatline works with most smartphones and tablets with a Micro USB port, including Samsung, Kindle, HTC, Nokia, LG, Nexus and Motorola. Apple version: 2 in 1 features – Lightning to USB cable to charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, and iPod – Apple MFi Licensed. Available in black, blue, orange and green.

Recharge your phone on the go with BOOMPODS Powerpod portable phone recharger .  It is a functional pocket size charger with no messy cables. Its compact and lightweight design has an integrated flip-out power line to connect to your phone. Check the charge level using the handy indicator, the 4 LED lights show the charging status and stored power. Charges through a standard USB port and uses a 2300mAh rechargeable LiPo battery technology that will repower your phone anywhere. Features a power-down mode so if left on with no device connected, it will shut down automatically after 30 seconds to ensure the battery power is preserved for maximum usage. Available in matt black, white, blue, orange and green with a soft touch finish.

Whatever your sport, Sportpods is the ultimate earphones for portability and freedom, ideal for their active lifestyles. Its ergonomic design and clever over-ear hooks ensure they stay put during your run or down the gym. These lightweight around-ear headphones allow you to move freely without the hassle of wires and deliver stunning sound quality so you get the most from your music on the move. It has an integrated volume and track control that lets you adjust your listening without slowing you down, you can even take incoming calls. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 technology allowing you to quickly connect to your Bluetooth device, with an operating range of up to 10 metres. It contains built-in lithium battery with up to 8 hours playback, 6 hours talk time, 100 standby hours and a speedy 2.5 hours charging time.

Power Case iPhone 5/5s/6/6plus, is Boompod’s protective case  that is lightweight, durable and ultra-slim. It delivers up to an extra 130% power with its built-in 2400mAh LiPo rechargeable battery for iPhone 5/5s users, 3100mAh for iPhone6, 4000mAh for iPhone6 plus  users , keeping you charged on the go. The Powercase has a handy pull-out stand, ideal to prop up your iPhone whilst watching videos, playing games and using FaceTime. It has an LED indicator (the 4 LED lights) that show the charging status and stored power. Its protective LC circuit efficiently avoids short-circuits, over-charging and malfunction, even under extreme conditions. It features an open-faced design allowing instant access to the device screen whilst protecting your phone from bumps and scratches. It comes in (matt dark grey, light grey and orange) for iPhone 5/5s, (matt green and dark grey) for iPhone6 and (matt blue and dark grey) for iPhone 6 plus.

So if you are ready to take the next step in audio listening effortlessly and risk-free, Boompods is available at the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination – Lazada via shop anywhere and anytime with the Lazada Mobile App and get your hands on the Boompods with just a few taps on your smartphones. Simply download the Lazada Mobile App, free on Play Store and on AppStore, and search for Boompods and with just a few steps, you are set to be the next proud owners of the latest innovation in audio-listening devices.

Boompods are distributed in several countries including UK, Japan, USA, Australia and in most Asian countries. For more exciting promos and offers from Boompods, subscribe to their Facebook page
So do not be left behind, get the latest craze in audio-listening technology from Boompods!

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