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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amway launches eSpring Water Treatment System certified to meet NSF/ANSI Drinking Water Standards

Amway Scientist and Water Expert, Rob Missman

Amway launches eSpring Water Treatment System last June 10 at Intercontinental, Manila with Guest Speaker Amway Scientist and Water Expert, Rob Missman.  eSpring Water Treatment system recently celebrate  its 15th year of bringing fresh clean water to the table. The eSpring Water Purifier system is certified to reduce more contaminants of any other unit that combines UV Light and Carbon filtration. Its even safe for making milk formula for babies, and there is no need to buy bottled/purified water. You can save a lot if you are into drinking/buying bottled water everyday. The eSpring unit treats up to 5,000 liters/1,320 gallons of water between filter changes, which meets an average family's daily needs for a year.

The eSpring Water Treatment System is now the world’s number-one selling brand of home water treatment systems, based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales. The study includes water treatment systems sold through retail channels as well as through direct selling. You can only avail of eSpring through Amway direct selling.

No person can survive for more than a few days without water. This is because the human body is composed of anywhere between 60% to 80% water, depending on age or gender. Our whole immune system depends on water, as it helps us fight off illnesses, helps us digest our food and get rid of waste. It is therefore of vital importance that the water we drink be as a clean and germ free as possible.

A World Health Organization (WHO) study conducted in 2012 found that about 2.2 million people worldwide die of diseases from contaminated water annually.  WHO found that specifically in Southeast Asia and Africa, yearly deaths from contaminated water account for up to 8.5% of all deaths in those regions annually.  For all our modern technology, water-borne infections remain a constant and very real threat to our health.

Industrialized countries with good water infrastructure can have issues where household tap water may become contaminated by a variety of chemicals and microorganisms. In the Philippines, there is an increasing demand for purified and bottled water, because of the impurities present in the water currently being supplied from the tap.

“eSpring™ Water Treatment System  is the culmination of 20 years of research and development”, says Amway scientist and water expert, Rob Missman.  “The eSpring™ Water Treatment System eliminates 99.9% of all water borne contaminants, while retaining nearly 100% of whatever minerals are present in the water”. 

eSpring™ Water Treatment System utilizes a patented inductive electronic coupling technology to power an internal Ultraviolet (UV) Light, this means that the unit is not plugged directly into a power source, thus virtually eliminating the risk of electrocution. The UV light works in tandem with a patented carbon blocker cartridge that is monitored electronically.  This ensures that you always know when your cartridge needs replacing.  This in turn guarantees that your water is always safe to drink.

“As part of Amway’s commitment to promoting good health, we understand the need for sustainable, clean water. We are addressing that need through eSpring.  With eSpring, Amway would like to bring back the good old days of drinking tap water that is clean and potable”. Says Amway Country Manager Leni Olmedo

The eSpring Water Treatment System is the number one selling home water treatment system in the world.  It is exclusively distributed by Amway, the global leader in direct selling.


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