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Friday, June 5, 2015

Invest an education plan with Philam Life

Planning Ahead To Learn

Cecile S. Nishigaki (left) receives a check from Philam Life Director of Agencies for Manila B, Rico Bautista, for the education of her daughter Johannah who studies at the Lyceum of the Philippines.

It is a universal truth that parents only want the best for their children, and this is evident when it comes to education. No matter how diverse goals may be, a good education is considered by many as the main foundation of a successful future.

The curriculum, staff, social surroundings, and a school’s track record all play a part when parents need to choose the best academic program to help prepare their kids for “real life.”  A high quality education, however, usually comes with a high price tag.

Considering that future tuition fees can be overwhelming, new parents can benefit a lot from planning ahead. Before their child reach a year old, parents like Cecile S. Nishigaki decided to invest in an education plan with Philam Life to be paid for over the span of five years.

Fast forward to her children’s college years, Cecile now receives her investment in the form of annual checks. Although the annual payments may not cover the tuition in entirety, they undeniably help lighten a lot of the financial load.

Since 2004, Philam Life has released more than P9 billion in educational benefits, with P1.5 billion of that released in 2014 alone.  Johannah, the daughter of Cecile will be entering her 4th year at the Lyceum of the Philippines. Indeed, parents who choose to invest in their children’s future with Philam Life will be happy to see their investment pay off in the future.

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