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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The High Cost of Health with Philam

A wise man once said, “If you think wellness is expensive, then try illness.” This particular quote sums up how one leading doctor in the Philippines’ Lifestyle Medicine sector feels about today’s society.

Dr. Johann Kim Mañez first started his medical career training as an Internal Medicine specialist. He noticed that patients affected by critical illnesses who were prescribed essential potent medication would soon fall ill to additional side effects. In order to combat the new complications, more medications would be prescribed. This would only increase the potential of getting even more side effects, thereby increasing the need for more medications, creating an endless costly loop of healthcare.

Seeing that the treatments and surgical procedures can easily cost patients hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pesos without assurance of gaining back health, he decided that he wanted to attack chronic diseases at their root, and treat the cause of diseases rather than their symptoms.  As a Lifestyle Medicine practitioner, Dr. Mañez now advises patients on how to improve their routines; this includes guidance on their diet and an increased rate of their physical activity.

 “Today’s society consumes an inordinate amount of unhealthy food. Humans were not made to survive on the diet that the general public is on nowadays,” said Dr. Mañez. He continued, “In order to maintain optimal health, we should learn how to avoid everything that harms our health including animal-based, junk and processed foods, and consume in moderation, everything that is good for us.” Dr. Mañez’s work as a Lifestyle Medicine practitioner has influenced his patients to start living healthy lifestyles, successfully ridding them of painful symptoms and underlying disease processes.
Sadly, even the physically fit and vigorous members of society have been struck by critical illnesses whether hereditary or caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Worst of all is that some of these critical illnesses are past the point that healthy lifestyles can no longer cure.

True to Dr. Mañez’s observations, these critical illnesses can lead down a costly loop of prescription medications and treatments. It is indeed a crying shame when those who have worked countless days sacrificing their health in hopes of providing a better future for their loved ones, fall ill. The savings they have accumulated from their hard work and dedication must be utilized to help them recover in times of health setbacks.

Considering this, Filipinos are now in need of help to brace for some of the worst events that may occur in their lives. To help financially prepare Filipinos for some of life’s unexpected turns, Philam Life recently launched Health Invest Plus, the company’s flagship health product.

Philam Life’s Health Invest Plus provides lump-sum cash benefits when diagnosed with any of 56 covered major critical illnesses and 11 covered early stage conditions– the most among unit-linked plans in the market. Unit-linked products are life insurance and investment plans-in-one where the benefits are linked to the returns of a chosen investment fund.

Once diagnosed with any of such critical illnesses, the plan holder is also spared from paying future premium payments. If the plan holder is diagnosed with a covered early stage critical condition, 25 percent of the critical Illness coverage will be given in advance.

Unlike most other critical illness plans, Health Invest Plus can be availed even by those who are already up to 65 years old. The critical illness coverage will still be in effect until they are 75, an age when most are in retirement and in need of greater medical care. Since Health Invest Plus is a unit-linked plan, a portion of premium payments are invested, allowing one to grow a Health fund which can be used for health maintenance or other costs during one’s later years. The plan also provides cash benefits for accidental injuries or disabilities and loss of life, providing comprehensive coverage for policyholders.

It is always good to hope for the best, but it’s even better to be prepared for the worst. Insurance plans such as Health Invest Plus can make a significant difference in a patient’s life.

To find out more about Philam Life’s Health Invest Plus, call 528-2000 or visit

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