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Monday, June 15, 2015

Something's strangely delicious awaits you at Nobu Restaurant

As soon as I entered the Nobu Restaurant, my senses were competing against one another. My eyes kept wandering as they try to devour the unique interiors and fixtures that adorned every corner of the hotel restaurant. My sense of smell was trying to search for the aromatic feast. As I heard the wait staff briskly walking in an out of the kitchen doors.

My taste buds felt like it wanted to jump out and everything made me feel its going to be a great start of the day. The one breakfast dish that caught my attention was the Champorado Nobu Style with Bacon furikake. It had me on its thick chocolatey cocoa flavor with bacon's slight crunchy saltiness on top, it was heavenly good, I tell you, I finished one and ordered another bowl. I highly recommend this on top of their other breakfast signature dishes.

Nobu Restaurant is a contemporary fine dining venue which accommodates 335 dining guests. It has a two private dining rooms; a sushi bar; floating water cabanas; two tepanyaki tables and a Chef's Table. I got to experience Nobu's Breakfast Specialties and its delectable and mouth watering buffet last June 6 with selected bloggers. We were greeted at the restaurant lobby by the General Manager of Nobu Hotel Manila, Mr. Marlon Hirsh, we had pleasantries about the restaurant's interior, breakfast specialties and its signature dishes. He toured us on the hotel rooms, spa and gym after a hearty breakfast.

 We were served the best Breakfast Minis, all the food served tasted and cooked the way I liked my breakfast should be. It concludes of the following;

French toast
Shioyaki (Chef's Daily Grilled Protein Selection)

Champorado Nobu Style (Chocolate Rice Porridge with Bacon Furikake)
Samplers from the buffet table

Silken Tofu Hotpot

City of Dreams Manila  consists of 6 hotel towers which include the famous Nobu Hotel and the world's most recognized restaurant Nobu Restaurant.   Chef Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa takes pride on its fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients. 

The buffet table boasts of sumptuous and delectable menus for those who want to start their day right. Their Breakfast Specialties are,  Yuzu Soba Pancakes; Green Tea Waffles; Eggs Matsuhisa; Bagel and Lox; Breakfast Tobanyaki; Salmon and Egg Donburi.

Their Signature Dishes includesToro Tartar with Caviar; Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno; Whitefish firadito Style; Salmon New Style; Rock Shrimp Creamy Spicy; Squid Pasta; Black Cod Miso; Beef Tobanyaki; Bento Box Dessert.

Signature Cocktails available are  Matsuhisa Martini; Pins Martini; Mango Passion; Mia Margarita; Yamasaki Sidecar, Lychee Martini; Champagne 95.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s culinary empire spans through 36 restaurants, in 28 cities and five continents. Guests at the Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila will be able to savor his signature contemporary artistic fusion and mouthwatering cuisine.

Nobu Restaurant is located at Level 1 of the Pool Deck, Nobu Hotel. It is open from 6:00AM to 10:00AM  on weekdays, until 11:00AM on weekends 6:00PM -11:00PM.
Executive Chef:  Zachary Hillberry
Restaurant Manager:  Casper Khamphouy

Nobu Lounge is a chic, modern, Japanese-inspired lobby lounge exuding a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere which can seat 50 guests.  Baristas and tea tenders take guests on a “taste and sense” adventure as they offer an extensive tea menu, premium coffees and homemade cakes, pastries and chocolates. Operating hours is from 7:00AM to 12MN. High Tea is from 2:00PM to 5:00PM

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