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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Follow Jenny and her magical adventure in "Jenny and the Magic Arinola"

What would you do if a genie appears before you, willing to grant your three wishes?  But unlike what happens in every classical fairytale story, this genie does not pop out from any traditional lamp, but from a chamber pot or an "arinola". If that intrigues you no less,  its time to watch the primetime series "Jenny and the Magic Arinola" on June 22 exclusively on TV5.  Follow Jenny and be entertained on how she will bargain with her genie to get her three wishes.

The wattpad novel brings you a fairy tale story of love, fun and magic entitles "Jenny and the Magic Arinola" which  garnered more than 1M readers and over 36k votes, originally written by Sic Santos (Owwsic). and is now on primetime mini-series WATTPAD PRESENTS.

Kapatid viewers are in for a "kilig" treat as TVS mixes romance, comedy and a dash of magic in this latest offering featuring Ms. Isabelle de Leon and Mr Genie himself, Alex Castro.

Jenny (Isabelle de Leon) is not your typical damsel in distress, she is in fact a nosy’and talkative girl who, sadly, was left behind by her boyfriend, Berto (Brent Manzano) on their 2 year anniversary celebration. As if the universe is paying her for her innate kindness, a genie named Laxus (Alex Castro) magically appears before Jenny from an "arinola" she found after an old woman ran off after eating at their eatery without paying.

 Jenny thought that finally, she can now have whatever she wants but unfortunately, this “hottie” but snobbish and forgetful genie is more of a problem-maker than a problem-solver as Laxus gives Jenny a hard time whenever she makes a wish.

Find out if Jenny will be wishing for Berto to come back to her life or will she just be trapped with
her own wishes.

The lead cast were asked if a genie appears before them what would be their 3 wishes. Alex wishes for good health, "maging masaya ang lovelife,  and lahat ng wish nya ay matupad.  While Isabelle  wishes for "more love para sa lahat", that she finds her own true love, and her last wish is to grant her another "3 wishes".

WATTPAD PRESENTS “Jenny and the Magic Arinola” airs every Monday to Friday, starting June 22' at 9pm before Baker King, exclusively on TV5.

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  1. hi, do you know where can i watch this? i've been looking for it everywhere already... :(


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