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Friday, September 11, 2015

Bento boxes and charaben tools are now available at Daiso Japan

(Daiso Japan has the tools you need for these fun hobbies)

Kyaraben or charaben  is an abbreviation for character bento, which is a character-shaped/designed bento or  a japanese artsy lunch boxes.

Charaben has been very famous and popular among Japanese moms and children for the last decade It has come out of mother’s love for their kids, to those who dont want to eat vegetables or fish, this is their fun and healthy way to make the kids eat nutritious food. Japanese kids love opening their lunch boxes and seeing cutesies charabens.

Ever wondered how the Japanese make those elaborate charaben (character bento) or those fancy cookies that are too cute to eat? Stop wondering and get cooking because Daiso Japan is having a “3 for P188” crazy combo on most baking and bento tools so you can get started with your new hobby.
Make your own cute  bento boxes with accessories and items from Daiso Japan 

Cute molds for baking and bento boxes from Daiso Japan
The popular price point store, home of all things kawaii, offers a complete array of colorful, cute and unique implements to help you bake like a pro and make your own beautiful bento. Also, every item in the store is very affordable which only means more reasons to engage in these stress-busting pastimes.

Cute molds for baking and bento boxes from Daiso Japan
You don’t need a lot of equipment to create a variety of baked products. Some basic tools such as cookie cutters, silicone cups and baking molds – plus a good splash of creativity – could go a long way in the kitchen. If you’re making cupcakes, don’t forget to put pastry bags in your cart for the icing on your cupcake!

  With Daiso Japan’s “3 for P188” crazy combo, you can save P25 per item as you build your collection of bento and baking tools. That’s a great deal, even lower than P88 per item for which Daiso Japan is known for!

Egg Mold:  You can create just about anything cute and kawaii with bento and baking items from Daiso Japan.  

Charaben, those cute bento meals that feature elaborate themes, were originally conceived to perk up the eating habits of preschool children in Japan. Today, it’s turned into a craze that goes beyond simple food preparation.

Sausage Mold Set  from Daiso Japan 

Kawaii items for baking and bento boxes enthusiasts at Daiso Japan

If you want to impress officemates or delight your kids with a visually appetizing lunch box, follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to put together a bento, Japanese style.

Look for a container or a bento box where you will assemble your food in. Elongated ones are highly recommended as these can be divided into small sections for more variety in your meal.

Daiso Japan carries a wide selection of bento boxes in adorable designs for both young and old. Some even come with a two-piece cutlery like a spoon & fork or a fork& knife to keep the cute theme going.

Pick up some food dividers and silicone cups that you will need to separate items, keeping wet food items from mixing with the dry ones.

Daiso Japan sells food dividers and lunch box sheets in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes that you can mix and match. Pick ones that are colorful for added visual impact.  Colorful sticks with cute fruit or animal “heads”, are a great way to keep small foods together and can also be bought at the store for 3 for P188. Aside from these, there are other adorable choices as well!

Plan your meal. For a bento box that’s filling, it’s important to plan a balanced and well-portioned meal. Include veggies, fruits, some kind of protein, and carbs like rice or bread in your bento.

Rice wraps from Daiso Japann
If you want to inject a theme, use cookie cutters and baking molds to create different characters out of eggs, bread, veggies, and fruits.

Assemble your bento box. Carefully lay each item on the box, using dividers when necessary and making sure that everything is tightly packed.

Sounds like fun? Head over to Daiso Japan for more ideas on how you can take your hobby to the next level.

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