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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lose weight while relaxing at the Blue Water Day Spa

Have you ever heard of colonic massage? This non-invasive massage stimulates the colon to function properly.  It is ideal for anxiety related gastro-intestinal problems, food sensitivity related issues, lower back pain, bloating and constipation, gynecological and period problems, IBS and nervous tummy disorders.

While you still need medical attention for the above condition,  colonic massage will help you ease out of your gastrointestinal problems. The bonus part is you'll get to lose weight around the waistline while getting the much needed kneading and massage. Who doesnt want a nice relaxing massage?
Try to drop by at the Blue Water Day Spa and ask for Therapeutic Colonic Massage.

Blue Water Day Spa launches Therapeutic Colonic Massage last Sept 15 at the Crowne Plaza with Blue Water Day Spa celebrity ambassadors Christian Bautista, Miss Universe 2013 Third Runner-Up Ariella Arida, Ken Alfonso and Winwyn Marquez.

As we become more and more exposed to toxins- from the unhealthy food that we eat to the pollution we encounter on our daily commute across the metro, our body becomes heavy because of the buildup of waste, leading to a loss of energy and an uncomfortable disposition.

Combining medical science with Blue Water Day Spa hospitality and relaxation, the Therapeutic Colonic Massage helps gently remove excess toxins from your body, starting with those that have accumulated in your digestive system.

The treatment concentrates on the core (abdominal area), loosening the hardened blockages in your system through massage. The body then naturally expels these wastes through normal body function.

Enjoy the full-hour treatment, made more relaxing with the use of chamomile oil, in the calming ambience of the Blue Water Day Spa suites. Though the massage on the abdomen itself takes approximately 20 mins, you will enjoy lasting results.

In as little as one session, find relief from common digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, gas, and abdominal pains and cramps. The gentle boost on your digestive tract realigns organs and also helps your body cope better with hard-to-digest food. Regular, weekly treatments offer long-term benefits that include improved sleep, more detined abdominal muscle tone, and restored energy.

As you detox, the treatment also primes the body to respond better to diet and exercise, helping you lose weight faster and safely. Say goodbye to stubborn love handles, as you welcome a shapelier and more defined figure.

Christian Bautista, popular singer/actor and an avid fan of the Therapeutic Colonic treatment, shares, “As a performer, my schedules are hectic and always changing, so I have to be in the best shape possible to meet all the demands of my work. The long nights and late meals do take a toll on my body. With the Blue Water Day Spa Therapeutic Colonic Massage, i feel better an’d have more energy. It’s a gentle detox that serves a dual purpose, because it helps you lose weight, too!

Fellow spa enthusiast, Ariella Arida, Miss Universe Third Runner Up 2013, visits Bluewater Day Spa whenever she has the time. She pampers herself with a relaxing and beautifying Collagen Facial Treatment from Bluewater Day Spa to keep her skin looking youthful with that special glow.

Actress Winwyn Marquez, on the other hands, keeps herself physically lit with various exercise regimens. But when it comes to looking her best, she visits Bluewater Day Spa for her Photo Therapy Flash (IPL) Treatment, a highly advanced yet safe laser technology that removes unwanted hair permanently.

Actor/singer/host Ken Alfonso maintains his perfect abs through Blue Water Day Spa’s Revitafirm and Revitashape Treatments. Using the technology of heat through the RF machine, this treatment tones your body and melts away excess cellulite.

Jump start your journey to a healthier, sexier, and more energeh'c you with Blue Water Day Spa.

BlueWater Day Spa has branches in Ortigas-Greenhills (T at No 7278420), Makati (Tel No 8173126), Capitol Hills (Tel No 4730455), Eastwood City (rel No 9151247), Tomas Morato (Tel No 4865455) , Cotabato City (Tel No 09228399751) and Naga

City (09177391822). For franchising information please call 6951820 or 6691634.


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