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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kaminabe and Tobanyaki dishes are the best at Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

My love for Japanese food started way back from the time I craved for maki, ramen and sushi. I always associate Japanese food with colors and tastes, the look of sashimi is good as it looks. The ramen is one comfort food that I cant leave without I always enjoy it anytime of the day, perfect with gyoza.

I have been passing by the Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant last July, one week after their opening, I told my partner that the next time we have an "event" at the SM Megafashion hall, we will set aside time to eat at Rosanjin Restaurant, and 2 months after that, our prayers were answered, we received an invite to dine at Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant.

Australian Rib Steak
Just as when you fall in love with their tobanyaki and kaminabe. Rosanjin's interior is minimalist and perfect with the right amount of lighting, I just fell in love with their cute red umbrellas hanging in the ceiling the traditional Japanese way.

Rosanjin offers their specialty Australian Rib Steak meal, cooked using "toban" Tobanyaki. It was laid out and cooked on our table. I was fascinated by this way of cooking using the earthenware "Toban"  it transmitted heat easily with ultra red-lay effect that retains the juiciness and flavor of the food without burning. The cooking time is around 5 to 7 minutes, if you want your rib steak well done, you have to add another minute or more of heating. It was juicy and delicious, cooked just the way I wanted.

It is safe enough to raise the heat to 375 degrees for about 30 minutes to get the toban properly heated without any problem.

There are many menus to be cooked the "Tobanyaki" way such as the Chicken Cheeseyaki, Pork Belly Spicy Misoyaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Misoyaki and the Meat Platter. 

Australian Rib Steak and Salmon Butteryaki

What intrigued me is the "Kaminabe" way of cooking using japanese paper as a pot. Just the same as Tobanyaki, the food was cooked and laid in our table. The japanese paper theyre using is made of Mulberry tree, paperbush from genpi tree. The paper doesnt burn because ‘Kami-nabe’ are pots made of strong ‘washi’ (Japanese paper) with an extremely dense texture. ‘Washi’ was invented during the Edo period (1600-1868) and is used in many traditional arts such as origami, ukiyo-e and sumi-e. It is highly durable against water and heat.

Shrimp Kaminabe

Seafood Kaminabe
The food cooked the "Kaminabe" way is delicious not to mention healthy because the paper absorb the grease or oil from the food.  Using the paper pot for cooking is truly the Japanese ingenious technique that distinctly recognized as theirs.  The paper pot is also used to skim off any lye in the soup which the food produces. It also helps remove the bitter taste or alkaline flavour in the soup.

The taste of the food is good and healthy as well, the Kaminabe cuisine is good for those on a diet or love paper pot dishes. I would love to come back and try their other specialties as well.

It is truly worth the dining experience at Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant, next time you'll visit them, please share your experience as well.

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