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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Savor the authentic cantonese cuisine at Choi Garden SM Megamall

I grew up eating cantonese/chinese food with the family every Sunday after hearing a mass along Sta.Cruz, Manila.  We used to dine in at this undisclosed Chinese restaurant along Raon/Binondo Manila.  They served the best dimsum, pancit canton, mami, maki,  congee with chicken flakes and lemon chicken in the Chinese neighborhood. I always visit the place when Im craving for those that I have mentioned above.

I guess, my comfort food began with the chinese/cantonese food. Now, that Im older and work location covers  Makati, QC, and EDSA proper only. I have to say goodbye to my favorite Manila restaurants on weekdays. Im glad that Choi Garden offers the best of  comfort food and its located along SM Megamall.

I had the privilege of dining in at Choi Garden last week (Sept. 5) with the bloggers,and I got to make my own noodles and discovered the Best Asado Bun, it has the same taste and crunchiness the restaurant competitor offers but cheaper, so you dont have to pay more, and eat all the buns you want for the day or take it out.

 The best part is the Create your own shabu2 Noodles. Its fun because you have to create and mix-match what you like. Since Im experimental and like anything spicy I chose Szechuan Spicy Soup as my soup base. I picked gindara tofu, Hong Kong curry fishball and cheese fish bun and Hong Kong Noodle to complete my shabu2 noodles! Its the best mami I have just concocted.

Guests get to choose their type of Noodles (Hong Kong Noodle, Hong Kong Bihon, Ramen or Sotanghon), decide on their preferred Soup Base (Double Boiled Pork Bone or Szechuan Spicy Soup) and select their own 3 Toppings from the wide selection (Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball, Hong Kong Beef Ball, Gindara Tofu, Cheese Fish Bun, Sea Urchin Bun, Braised Pig Knuckle, Beef Brisket Tendon, BBQ Pork Asado and others) which comes with a Soy Egg, the Best Asado Bun and Choi Garden’s very own House Blend Iced Tea. Majority of the ingredients were imported from Hong Kong to maintain the quality and taste.

The humble beginnings of Choi Garden started with the unwavering passion of Mr. Choi Tak Pui, a Hong Kong based culinary expert, who yearned to bring the taste of Authentic Cantonese Cuisine into the Philippines. He has established his first restaurant in Annapolis, Greenhills; where the current Choi Garden main branch resides. Undeniably, Choi Garden Greenhills is a huge success to both the Chinese and Filipino Communities. This passion of Mr. Choi has spread out throughout the country as the branches of Choi Garden continue to expand.

Choi Garden SM Megamall was launched to indulge a bigger audience, as it introduced their casual dining style while still embodying the quality and exquisite taste of Authentic Cantonese Cuisine that is being carried by Choi Garden them self.

The Cantonese Culinary Team behind Choi Garden is composed of Hong Kong Chefs who possess numerous years of knowledge, skills and experience in perfecting their crafts. Their team is proud to offer their finest dishes that will surely bring delight to your taste buds and satisfaction to your stomachs.

Starting from their widely known Roasting Selection such as the tastefully prepared BBQ Pork Asado with Honey Sauce, to the flavourful and crispy skin of their Roasted Peking Duck and to their mouth-watering take to the Roasted Chicken, Live Seafood Selections such as the Steamed Live Grouper and Steamed Live Suahe, to their fulfilling serving of Chinese Baked Rice Meals and their Best Selling Dimsum Selection composed of their Best Asado Bun, Steamed Siomai, Steamed Hakaw, Pan Fried Radish Cake and Old Fashioned Steamed Machang among others.

Choi Garden SM Megamall also offers dishes that are good for sharing such as the Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup, Sweet and Sour Pork, Beef Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce and a whole lot more.

Aside from serving Authentic Cantonese Dishes, Choi Garden SM Megamall also came up with a fascinating and atypical new way of enjoying your usual noodles. This is by allowing their customers to create their own Shabu Shabu Noodle Bowl.

Choi Garden SM Megamall aims to be a place where customers get to feel and taste the Authentic Cantonese Cuisine at an affordable price.

Watch out for more exciting surprises and promos from Choi Garden SM Megamall.
Choi Garden SM Megamall is located at the Second Floor of Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. It is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.
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