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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Be proud of being an online seller, says Skin Magical owner Ghie Pangilinan

Bulakbol yan nung college, naging housewife at ngayon online selling ang ginawa.”

Those were the words that were planted in Ghie Pangilinan'mind when she started her own online business. Her skeptics did not believe that she was going to succeed. That was in 2013. Seven years later, Pangilinan overcame all obstacles and is now the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Skin Magical, one of the best distributors of beauty products in the Philippines. To date, Skin Magical had over 200 distributors and over 50,000 resellers nationwide and even abroad. 

My business has really grown and I am proud to say that I started as an online seller,” Pangilinan related. “I started by selling almost everything online from toys, bags, dresses, t-shirts and even gadgets and this was also the time when I started selling my first line of skin care products.”

Pangilinan recalled that she would offer her wares by sending out private messages to her friends. None of them responded to her messages. When she decided to start her first skincare brand, she decided not to sell her products online.

“What I did was that I would come up with FB posts about my skincare products and I did that on a regular basis,” she said. “I worked really hard to look for buyers for my products and it even reached the point that I would stay awake until early morning just to reply to all the inquiries that I received.”

She said she encountered a lot of difficulties when she was still starting out. This, however, was her motivation to push herself to work even harder to achieve her dreams. Pangilinan added that she also wanted to remove the notion that online selling was only for housewives.

“I remembered meeting up a friend back in 2015 and I asked her if she would like to be a reseller of Skin Magical products,” Pangilinan said. “My friend said she was not interested because she had a full- time job abroad. She told me to instead ask another one of our classmates who happened to be a housewife in need of extra income.”

Pangilinan only managed to earn the respect of her skeptics last year when they found out that she was able to build her own company, Skin Magical, and travel abroad. This time around, her skeptics were asking her for tips on how to succeed in her line of business.

“If you are a housewife and an online seller, you should be very proud of yourself,” she said. “You should be proud that you are working hard for the sake of your family. Everyone should work hard to achieve those dreams and we all can succeed. Online selling is for everyone.”

Since then, Pangilinan has appeared several times on ABS CBN’s “My Puhunan” with Karen Davila to inspire and empower women to go into the online business and to make them believe that it is possible to get rich and be beautiful at the same time. She even managed to get actress Dimples Romana, well known for her role as Daniela Mondragon Bartolome on the teleserye “Kadenang Ginto,” to be one of Skin Magical’s many endorsers and influencers. 

“I believe that education and having a degree is important but it does not guarantee that you will be successful,” Pangilinan said. “Even if you are very intelligent but you have no direction in life, you will not succeed. For you to succeed in your chosen field, you need to work hardpersevere and to have faith.”

For more information on how you can be a Skin Magical online seller, visit or the Skin Magical FB page.


  1. Very inspiring your story Ms. Ghie Pangilinan 😊 Congratulation your success as a online seller iba talaga pag may tiwala ka na kaya mo aasenso ka sa buhay ❤❤❤

  2. Very inspiring your story Ms. Ghie Pangilinan 😊 Congratulation your success as a online seller iba talaga pag may tiwala ka na kaya mo aasenso ka sa buhay ❤❤❤


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