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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Manulife Philippines offers free webinars to help Filipinos live every day better

To support Filipinos living through the unprecedented challenges brought by COVID-19, Manulife Philippines has launched a series of free webinars to help address some of Filipinos’ most pressing concerns on health and wellness, and finances. 

Manulife Philippines has invited experts from a variety of fields to provide insights into topics that have been top of mind for Filipinos since the start of the community quarantine. These include how to stay physically and mentally healthy; how to earn, save and invest; and how to start and re-start a business during these trying times. 

“COVID-19 has brought on a period of unprecedented change, which has affected each of us personally. Given the limitations on mobility and the need for physical distancing, Filipinos now spend more time online -- not only for communication and entertainment, but also to seek advice, tutorials, and tips that can help them adapt to the changes, and cope with the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic,” said Melissa Henson, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Manulife Philippines. “We recognize that there is a need for knowledge and information to help us navigate the current environment, and we’d like to help Filipinos make every day under community quarantine better, by providing access to relevant and timely insights and information.” 

Manulife Philippines’ webinars are available for viewing on the Manulife website  

The series was kicked off by a session about navigating the current market volatility for long-term investments. Manulife Asset Management hosted a market outlook webinar focusing on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Philippine Equities, led by Hui Min Ng, Portfolio Manager of Equities, Manulife Investment Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., and Mark Canizares, Head of Equities of Manulife Asset Management and Trust Corporation. While they acknowledged that many may hesitate to invest in light of the global uncertainty, historical precedence showed that long-term fundamentals can win over short-term volatility.

Manulife Philippines invited celebrated dermatologist, President and Medical Director of the Belo Medical Group Dr. Vicki Belo to discuss self-care during community quarantine. Dr. Belo shared advice focusing on four key pillars - Balance, Exercise and healthy eating, Learning new skills, and Offering gratitude. She emphasized how embracing self-care can help manifest stronger physical and psychological wellbeing amid the evolving realities brought about by COVID-19. 

To help Filipino entrepreneurs start or restart a business during a crisis, Manulife Philippines invited some of the country’s inspiring tech leaders like Jacqueline Lim, Head of GrabExpress, Grab Philippines, Martha Sazon, President & CEO, Mynt, and Ragde Falcis, CEO and Co-Founder, ChatGenie.PH, to help guide both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, as they find new ways to continue serving their communities and reach more customers in the age of quarantine and social distancing. 

Coming soon: More webinars on key aspects of Filipino life amid the pandemic

Since the community quarantine, many Filipinos have expressed concerns on how to adjust their day-to-day life given the uncertainties brought by COVID-19. Manulife’s upcoming webinars will help address these issues by inviting top experts who can share their insights into important topics like personal motivation, love and relationships, self-care, family life, nutrition and entrepreneurship amid the pandemic. These aim to equip more Filipinos with the right information so they can live every day better, protect their loved ones and achieve their personal and financial goals, even during these trying times.  

For more info and updates on Manulife’s upcoming webinars, visit  

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