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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Top 13 The Pop Stage semifinalists show off diverse creativity

The incredibly talented contestants of "The Pop Stage" are not letting the lockdown hinder them from expressing their creativity and making the most of their own resources. Because of this, all 13 semifinalists, chosen by the show’s creator and host Matteo Guidicelli, together with judges Jed Madela and Ritz Beltran, with the support of Popeyes Philippines in partnership with Viva Artists Agency, have proven themselves worthy of their spots in the competition.

Many of the semifinalists presented original compositions that showed their artistic creativity including singers Luigi D'Avola, Sarah Mae Guno, Giancarlo Calibuso, and Dia Mate. Spoken word poet Martin Naling, dancer El-John Macalatan, beatboxer Roxor Beat, and four-piece indie rock band Silent Moon also showed their own works during the show’s elimination rounds.

Other semifinalists decided to show off their singing prowess by doing amazing covers of their favorite songs like Jehramae Trangia, CJ Villavicencio, Job Christian Tolonghari, Yumi Josue, and Angel Rose Marco.

The semifinalists will continue to prove that they have what it takes to win The Pop Stage. In the end, only one winner will receive the cash prize worth Php 1 million and a one-year contract with Viva Artists Agency. The Pop Stage is presented with the support of Popeyes Philippines and Viva Artists Agency.
To stay updated with The Pop Stage, follow their official Facebook page @thepopstage and Popeyes Philippines' Facebook page @popeyesph and use the hashtag #thepopstage.

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