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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Beko with Everfresh technology: Keep Fruits and Vegetables fresher longer

How to keep ourselves and our family healthy is in the top of our priorities nowadays,  especially now that the virus is going up each day. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed people and the way they live. Consumer attitudes, behavior and purchasing patterns are reflecting these changes.

Simply put—consumers are now looking into ways on how to live healthier and improve their overall wellbeing. While staying at home is a priority, people nowadays are exploring means to eat good food and improve their daily routines to adapt to the “new normal.”

This also means they are looking for appliances that could fulfill their needs to become healthier. With limited access to the outside world, it is best to have a storage of supplies that would make food last longer and keep its freshness.

Beko’s world-class refrigerators are the perfect fit for this job.

With its EverFresh+Ò technology, Beko refrigerators can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to three times longer and ensure it last longer in fridges, thanks to its crisper drawer innovation. This means consumers are saving money, time, and reducing food waste with Beko refrigerators.

"At Beko, we believe in making products and technologies that help improve the wellbeing of today’s consumers. As an appliance brand, we are committed to doing all we can to make consumers' lives more convenient and healthier," said Gürhan Günal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation.

For instance, Beko’s GN163123P side-by-side has innovative features, such as the NeoFrostTM Dual Cooling technology that maintains ideal airflow and optimal temperatures with a high level of humidity. This enables food to stay fresher for longer with no frost building up and no odor transferring. It also has the Active Fresh Blue LightTM technology that allows continuous photosynthesis in the crisper, therefore retaining the natural flavors of fruits and vegetables.

Beko’s GN163123P is also equipped with the longlasting IonGuardTM that neutralizes bacteria, viruses and particles in the refrigerator using negative ions, allowing air inside to circulate and stay clean. This means that contamination will not occur and food can be stored twice longer. It also has a LED Illumination that provides full lighting all throughout the fridge for clear and worry-free finding.

With the Beko ProSmartTM Inverter Compressor, the fridge is four times quieter, more durable and energy-efficient as the technology adapts to temperature variations to provide faster cooling with less energy.

Beko,  a new subsidiary of Europe’s No. 1 home appliances brand, is a market leader in the white goods space and empowers new generations to live healthier lives.

Beko is available at select SM Appliance Centers, Robinsons Appliances, and Asian Home Appliance center in Cebu. The brand is looking forward to be available in more stores nationwide.

You may also shop for products at the Beko Facebook page,


  1. WoW!this is great product Beko’s world-class refrigerators is amazing technology if carry na i want to have this 😍❤

  2. WoW!this is great product Beko’s world-class refrigerators is amazing technology if carry na i want to have this 😍❤


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