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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

6 Awesome Games for Better Family Bonding with Your Devant TV

Spending time together as a family benefits both parents and kids. It helps family members build deeper relationships with one another, and creates a positive environment at home. Studies also show that children who engage in bonding activities with their parents have decreased stress levels, and perform better in school. 


Bonding at home is more meaningful with Devant, and with a modern-living essential like a Devant Smart TV, screen time becomes so much more than just watching movies together. Paired with a console or a smartphone, your TV can also be used to enjoy interactive apps and games as a family.

Sounds like something your family would enjoy? Here are some wholesome console games that you can try playing with everyone at home.


In this cooking game, one to four players work together as a team. The goal is to cook and serve a variety of dishes for customers within a specific time limit. You can play Overcooked on a Playstation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. 

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a great choice for those looking for a more active game. Made for the Nintendo Switch, this exercising role-playing action and adventure game will have you battling enemies using attacks based on actual exercise moves.





Playable on multiple consoles, Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that pushes the limits of one’s creativity. In this game, you can explore worlds, and create without limits. Currently the best selling video game of all time, Minecraft is loved and enjoyed by players of all ages. 

No console? No problem! With the awesome feature, Anyview Cast, you can easily play games on your Devant Smart or UHD TV, using your phone as a controller. To do this, first, turn on the wireless connection on your Devant TV, and open Anyview Cast. Next, turn on screen mirroring on your mobile device, tap on your TV’s device name, and wait for it to connect. 



Some games you can cast from your phone to your Devant TV are:





This classic board game gets a modern update on Android and IOS. Best for families with kids aged 7 and up, Monopoly is a classic tycoon game that involves buying and selling property, and money management.


Another classic game that can be played from a smartphone is UNO! Free on Android and IOS, you can play with classic rules, or try Room Mode to play using new rules and new cards.



Mario Kart Tour

Racing games are always fun to play as a group. Mario Kart Tour combines well-loved characters with challenging race courses, fun game items, and exciting bonus levels. This game can also be played on both IOS and Android.



Apart from Anyview Cast, Devant TVs, such as the 65-inch DEVANT QUHV03 SMART QUANTUM 4K TV with Free SBX-60 2.1Ch Soundbar with Subwoofer, are equipped with other amazing features that make them great for gaming. These are:

      Quantum Ultra HD 3840x2160, which provides an ultra high-definition display, and a resolution equivalent to 8.3 megapixels

      Vidaa U Operating System, where you can access movies from your favorite content providers, or simply watch live TV

      VEWD App Store, with a catalogue of web apps for video, music, social networking, games, and news and information, all optimized for TV

      HDR Compatible, for a more realistic image through an expanded contrast ratio and color palette

      Ultra Smooth Motion, for fast-motion displays that look crisp, clear, and natural 

      Ultra Dimming, which dims the backlight behind certain parts of the screen creating deeper, darker blacks in those areas

Visit the Devant Flagship store at ( LazMall and ( Shopee Mall to check out other special Devant TV Bondeals, and get a free SBX-60 2.1Ch Soundbar Speaker System with Built-in Subwoofer or SB-50 2.0Ch Soundbar Speaker System for every purchase of selected 49- to 65-inch Devant Big Screen TVs. The Devant TV Bondeals will run until October 31, 2020. Devant products are also available in leading appliance stores nationwide.


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