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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Huawei Philippines is kicking off 2022 with exclusive deals on some of the best Huawei devices


In line with its #BetterTogether2022 initiative, Huawei Philippines is kicking off 2022 with exclusive deals on some of the best Huawei devices including MateBook 2021 laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearable devices, and more. 


Get your hands on these Better Together 2022 deals and earn freebies worth up to PHP 17,497. Enjoy the new year with these devices best for work, entertainment, and wellness via Huawei Experience Stores, online Huawei Store,  Lazada, or Shopee


Key Products


Freebies and Offer

Freebies Value

Matebook14s i7 11th 16+512


New Fashion Backpack, FreeBuds  Pro, Office 365


Matebook14s i5 11th 8+512


New Fashion Backpack


Matebook14 i5 11th 8+512


New Fashion Backpack+ Price Drop 7000 PHP


MatebookD15 i5 11th 8+512


CD 23 Mouse


MatebookD14 i5 10th 8+512


CD 23 Mouse


MatebookD15 i5 10th 8+512


Price Drop 2000 PHP


MatebookD15 i3 10th 8+256


CD 23 Mouse through  Huawei Experience Stores only




Night Light






GT3 46mm


Watch Strap


GT Runner


Watch Strap and Cup


GT2 Pro


Promo Price drop 2000


Freebuds Pro


Promo Price drop 1000


Debussy 6+128


Keyboard, Pen, Flip Cover


MatePad R


Price drop 1000


T10 LTE 2+32


Night Light


T10 WiFi 2+32


Night Light



There are more exclusive discounts on Huawei services that you may enjoy until February 28, 2022


      HUAWEI Video - Get VIP access for three (3) months with HUAWEI Video + and Mango TV for only PHP 500 from its original price of PHP 763 and get a 100% rebate in the form of Lazada vouchers.

      HUAWEI Music - Get membership access for six (6) months to HUAWEI Music Premium for only PHP 500 from its original price of PHP 774 and get a 100% rebate in the form of Lazada vouchers.

      HUAWEI Books  - Top up at least PHP 200 for 20,000 R-Coins via HUAWEI Books and get a 100% rebate in the form of Lazada vouchers.

      HUAWEI Themes - Purchase any three (3) Themes or Watch Faces via HUAWEI Themes at PHP 49.99 each and get a 100% rebate in the form of Lazada vouchers.

      HUAWEI Mobile Cloud - Subscribe to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud 50GB Storage for one (1) year auto-renew for only PHP 550from its original price of PHP 588  and get a 100% rebate in the form of Lazada vouchers


Get discounts on original spare parts including battery, mainboard, back cover, and a 20% discount on HUAWEI Care services for select HUAWEI device repairs! 


For more information, can refer to:

Huawei Philippines’ One Price Repair is the official discounted phone service for your HUAWEI devices that need fixing. Consumers may purchase spare parts for select Huawei devices at discounted prices until February 20, 2022, only.


Check the nearest HUAWEI Authorized Service Center near you and book your repair reservations now!


  1. That is good and laking discount and good deals grabie!super worth it

  2. Wow tlga namn ang gganda ng specs at quality big savings pa 😍❤️

  3. Ganda ng quality ng huawei talagang nice specs and nakakatuwa dahil may mga discounts pa and great deals ☺️

  4. Wow the high quality Huawei Gadgets on its lowest price.
    Great discounts awaits that's awesome and surely big savings


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  6. Very recommended talaga ito and may mga freebies pa sure na worth it to buy and ang laki ng matitipid talaga 🥰

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