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Monday, March 14, 2022

Enjoy a taste of London with Culture Blend's coffee only at Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

To quote "what goes best with a cup of coffee, another cup


I always start my day with a cup of coffee in the morning. It helps me keep awake and alert throughout the day. Research has shown that a small dose of coffee can make you focus on the positive and improve your performance. Just what everyone needed to start the day right. 

I just discovered Culture Blends and glad that I can add to cart anytime of the day in Shopee

With that, this March 14, skip the brew and make coffee time more exciting with Culture Blends's newest Coffee Bags.

Take a trip around the world just with your daily cup of coffee! #SkipTheBrew with Culture Blends, the FIRST and ONLY 2-in-1 & 3-in-1 coffee in a bag right here in the Philippines! Never let a busy day or a coffee machine stop you from enjoying some quality coffee!

Culture Blends is a perfect fit for anyone's daily routine, whether they have a busy schedule at home or if they're craving for a cup on the go.

Culture Blends Official Store launches the following products in Shopee's Brand Spotlight!  

👉Culture Blends English Creamy 3in1 in Steeped Single-Serve Bag: With Culture Blends English Creamy 3-in-1, experience coffee in true English fashion and a unique blend of instant brewed coffee, cream, and sugar!

👉Culture Blends English Style Roast 2in1 in Steeped Single-Serve Bag: Fall in love with London with an intense black coffee minus the brewing , only with Culture Blends English Style Roast 2-in-1!

👉Culture Blends English Creamy & Culture Blends English Style Roast x 10 sachets: Tea isn't the only thing you can have steeped, with Culture Blends English Creamy & Culture Blends English Style Roast steep your way to a fresh quality black coffee!

Check out your favorites:


This is a unique blend of instant brewed coffee cream and sugar.

Fall in love with London! Experience coffee in true english fashion, a delicious blend of coffee, cream and sugar in a bag, gently steeped with an intense aroma. Who says only tea should be steeped?

Add to cart CULTURE BLENDS English Style Roast 2in1 Brewed Coffee in Bag Plus FREE 1 ENGLISH CREAMY sachet

This is a rich mix of Instant Brewed coffee and sugar!

Now you can steep your way to a fresh quality black coffee, just the way English have it.

Add to cart CULTURE BLENDS English Creamy & CULTURE BLENDS English Style Roast x 10 sachets

Perfect for cake and ice cream. Try it!

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  1. Wow ang ganda po nito and very nice napaka perfect niya! I love this

  2. Wow that's good news po available na din sya sa shopee kaya pwede na matikman ang culture blend coffee 😍

  3. Wow! Sa Shopee pala meron nito! Gonna check this out! Sakto may free sf mamaya!

  4. Great news!Thank you for sharing ❤️

  5. Waaahhhh okay ito perfect to ngayon . Lalo maulan na . The best ang coffee ❤️😍 very convenient pa , available na sa shopee 😍❤️

  6. Looks so nice and want to try this


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