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Friday, March 11, 2022

Pru Life UK continues to show its support to its growing sales force

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK continues to show its support to its growing sales force as it provides a dynamic and agile workspace embracing the future of work, with the recent opening of its first ever PRUHouse.


Located in Ortigas, PRUHouse is part of Pru Life UK’s initiatives to create adaptable workspaces fit to the different workstyles of its agency force. It offers an inclusive environment suitable and conducive for a wide range of activities to empower financial advisors in reaching out and catering to more customers and their needs. 


Left to right: Pru Life UK Chief Distribution Officer Maria Divina Furagganan, Brilliant Quartz Area Manager Arlene Bonus, Pru Life UK Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga, Pru Life UK President and CEO Eng Teng Wong,

Crystal Quartz District Manager Teresita Santos Robles, Pru Life UK General Manager and Chief Operating Officer Gilbert Simpao, and Pru Life UK Chief Financial Officer Francis Ortega


“We opened the first PRUHouse in Ortigas and plan to have more in key cities nationwide to reinforce our support to our financial advisors. The integration of work spaces that allow collaboration, productivity, and a sense of belongingness is geared to lead our transformation to new heights.  Pru Life UK strongly believes that having a stronger salesforce, combined with our physical and digital assets are important in retaining our top ranking and in helping more Filipinos get the most out of life,” shared Pru Life UK President and Chief Executive Officer Eng Teng Wong.


The inaugural PRUHouse in Ortigas will accommodate 22 agency branches. It features a flexible working schedule as each branch will have their dedicated days and hours of access to PRUHouse. There is also a common space open for use even outside the agency’s branch days and hours schedule. It is a versatile space that may be used for dining, socializing, informal meetings, and may even be booked for branch events. This is also a venue where they may meet their clients. It also highlights how Pru Life UK addresses the changes in the workplace caused by the current pandemic, through improvements on the practice of a hybrid work arrangement for its agency force. 

It has branch leadership rooms for senior leaders and meeting pods and rooms of various sizes for the agency. The meet pods are sound-proof cubes that leaders may use for sensitive conversations. It also has rooms of varying capacities for collaboration, learning, and other team activities.


Pru Life UK is in the planning stage of having two more PRUHouses in Metro Manila and one in Cebu as it looks to recruit more people who want to start a career in the insurance industry, particularly the younger generation.


“One of our primary objectives in establishing PRUHouse is to attract Filipinos especially the Gen Z all over the country. We want them to be a part of our mission of helping people secure a better future through our insurance and investment products.,” Wong added.


Pru Life UK has the largest number of financial advisors in the Philippines with over 30,000 agents.


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