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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

EQ Baby Diapers hosts its EQ Super Brand Day on Lazada on April 18-22, 2022!


Families are in for an exciting treat as JS Unitrade (JSU), the makers of the leading EQ Baby Diapers, hosts its EQ Super Brand Day on Lazada on April 18-22, 2022! For this Super Brand Day, JSU and Lazada give you and your family the chance to enjoy special discounts of up to 50% off on EQ & Genius Baby Diapers and other JSU’s best value products that are reasonably priced yet of great quality – Feminine Careproducts (Charmee Napkins, Pantyliners, and Feminine Wipes), Incontinence Care (Caress Adult Diapers and Underpads, Hy-Pants and Secure Adult Pull-Up Pants), Baby Wipes (Nursy and EQ Baby Wipes), Cleansing & Disinfecting Wipes (Hy-5)Household Paper Towels (Tidy & Kitchenmate), and Oral Care products (Jordan).


In line with JSU’s mission to enable Filipinos to improve and advance the everyday lives of their families, they introduced some breakthrough products which you can also avail of on the upcoming EQ Super Brand Day.

For first-time parents out there, you can ensure that your baby is mess-free and thoroughly clean with EQ Baby Wipes. It is made with 99% pure water and has no harmful chemicals, making sure your baby gets the gentlest care and utmost protection they deserve. 


On the other hand, for those women who want to go about their day with full comfort and confidence during their extra heavy flow period days, they have an ally with Charmee Menstrual Pants! It offers ultimate protection to prevent leaks and comes in an underwear-like design to help you feel at ease.


For those who are experiencing loss of bladder or bowel control, you don’t need to suffer in silence and let the condition control your life. You can enjoy your day to the fullest like spending quality time or enjoying a great time outdoors with friends and family, without having to worry about leaks with the help of Hy-Pants Adult Underwear. These pull-up pants are designed to help you manage your incontinence condition without any worries, with your dignity and self-esteem intact.


Other perks available on EQ Super Brand Day include shipping vouchers, promo packs, and freebies. Watch out for JSU’s Lazada LazLive on April 18, Monday, at 5 PM to score awesome deals on all JSU products and get a chance to be one of the lucky viewers to win exciting raffle prizes. You can follow and watch the livestream on the official Facebook pages of JSU brands: EQ:, Charmee:, Caress:, Nursy: and Jordan Oral Care:


With this EQ Super Brand Day on Lazada, get yourself and your loved ones the best value products that will enrich your lives in small but meaningful ways. For more information and updates, visit




  1. Wow this is great isa sa perfect brand ng EQ . Laki ng discounts laki ng matitipid tlga ❤️😍

  2. Best EQ talaga ito! One of the best product ito ng momshie ,yes avail na talaga sa lazada ito! I check this

  3. The best din EQ baby diapers ,laki ng discounts din🥰

  4. Wow that's awesome po ganda brand pa naman ang EQ for kids tapos laki pa ng discount sobrang sulit yan, 😍.

  5. Talagang the best ang EQ Brand and wow laki ng discount makapag add to cart nga. 🥰

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