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Monday, April 25, 2022

LG Styler lets you enjoy your Summer without worrying about potential diseases

Summer is a season a lot of Filipinos look forward to because of how it’s associated with unforgettable vacations and trips to the beach. However, an often ignored effect during Summer is the high temperatures and potential pathogens that go along with it. Heat and humidity is a combination that creates a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive, especially with clothing. 

LG Styler lets you enjoy your Summer without worrying about potential diseases. Now that we’re slowly getting back to normal, taking advantage of technology to help you mitigate the risk of getting sick is more crucial than ever before. During Summer, the clothes you wear can pick up harmful dust, bacteria, and allergens. Sanitizing clothes is as important as washing your hands after getting home every day. 


The LG Styler can sanitize your clothing quickly and without fuss. It boasts of TrueSteam technology that kills more than 99.9%* virus, bacteria. With the Styler, you can easily sanitize fabrics, masks, and items that are difficult or impossible to wash. The best part of TrueSteam technology is that it consists of 100% water, with no chemical additives. You get clean, bacteria-free clothes without the need for harsh chemicals or detergents. Even if the sun is out during Summer, occasional rain showers can still happen, which can produce unpleasant smells and odors. 


LG PATENTED TECHNOLOGY = Moving Hanger x TrueSteam™ Clothing Care. The Moving hanger simulates the hand waving for clothes, throwing away the dust with 200 swings per minute, while it can create more space for TrueSteam™ to get in contact with the clothes. A low-temperature drying system dries clothing faster than air drying, preventing shrinking and damage caused by heat.


The LG Styler also offers heat-pump technology that gently dries clothes that require special care without worrying about shrinkage or damage. No more dampness or accidental damage - only fresh, clean clothes as they were meant to be! If you’re already going back to the office, you can also use the Styler to keep your pants nice and crisp. With Pants Crease Care, it keeps pant creases looking crisp while reducing general wrinkling.


True to LG’s vision of a smart home, the LG Styler can also be controlled through the use of your smartphone. The proprietary ThinQ app lets you operate or monitor precious garments from anywhere, anytime.


Have fun during Summer without letting your guard down. Use the LG Styler to keep your clothing safe all year round. The LG Styler is available in 


  1. The best din ito LG Styler para Hindi tayo maworry sa any virus and bacteria!thanks for sharing this

  2. Wow that's awesome po trusted brand pa naman ang LG. Kaya must have po nito para safe tayo sa any kind of viruses.

  3. Wow love it . The best tlga ang LG . Tlga nman ang ganda ng quality nito at perfect tlga 😍❤️

  4. Ay wow good talaga LG!🥰so much good fpr everyone and so great product talaga! I'm so Happy

  5. Talagang the best ang LG and good quality. Must have itong LG Styler dahil para safe and masanitize ang clothes 🥰

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