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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Carousell reveals increasing awareness on sustainable shopping among Filipino consumers

Carousell, the leading classifieds group in Greater Southeast Asia, reveals that Filipinos have shown increased openness towards secondhand options over the past two years, with almost 68% of Carousell buyers choosing to buy secondhand items instead of new. To further nurture an environmentally-conscious community, Carousell analysed secondhand shopping trends of different age groups in the Philippines from 2020 to 2021 in celebration of Earth Day.  

“Xennials” in the Philippines more open to secondhand options 

Over the past few years, secondhand purchases have grown as a popular choice among Filipino shoppers of all ages, but the “Xennials” (age 35-44) are really leading the charge of sustainability with an increased number of searches for used items by 99% between 2020 and 2021. Generation Z has also demonstrated a higher level of eco-consciousness in recent years with a 82% increase in the searches for used items and a drop of 6% in searches of new items, indicating a quick shift in their mindset and the potential for growth in the circular economy driven by youths. 

Kaye, a 20 year old student owner of fashion brand Rostele (@kayepastelero) is one of the driving forces behind the sustainability movement on Carousell. During the height of Covid, Kaye wanted to be productive and she found a solution for her old clothes by reusing and upcycling them into unique and trendy statement pieces. 

“Aside from the joy that I get from buying secondhand clothes that are still wearable and high quality, I like the fact that I’m saving money while helping the environment,” said Kaye. 

Interesting secondhand shopping behaviours among different age groups 

Women’s Fashion ranked as the top three secondhand search category in every age group with ZARA, the popular Spanish apparel brand dominating the top two secondhand most-searched-for keywords for the 18-24, 25-34 and 34-44 age groups. Manila-based sustainable fashion brand HaloHalo is also gaining traction amongst the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups as it emerges as the top three secondhand most-searched-for keywords. 

Carousell’s analysis revealed that the sale of preowned items, in addition to being a solution to overconsumption, is a value-for-money alternative for local bargain hunters. Secondhand products in the two of the most affordable categories on Carousell – Babies & Kids and Women’s Fashion – cost less than PHP300 on average. 

Carousell has curated suggestions for users to improve their secondhand buy-sell experiences. Prospective secondhand buyers can utilise search filters available at a category level, including by location and by brand, to narrow down search results. They can also use the Saved Searches feature for quick access for quick access for up to three search queries, and the Item Condition filter to sort products from ‘brand new’ to ‘heavily used’ to find the most suitable item. 

Carousell has also incorporated features that boost visibility for the sellers of preloved belongings. They can use the following steps to make their listing stand out: 1) Select a clear cover photo and take images from multiple angles to catch buyers’ attention; 2) Complete all questions in the sell form including the optional ones; and 3) Avoid keyword spamming to prevent the your listing being ranked lower, use relevant keywords that a buyer is likely to use when searching. 

“It is encouraging to see more Filipinos choosing to buy secondhand items. As a pioneer for mobile classifieds in the region, Carousell is focused on making buying secondhand items as secure and convenient as buying brand new items. As Carousell celebrates its decade of sustainability, we remain committed to encouraging the public to join the sustainable revolution and make secondhand the first choice for consumers,” said Djon Nacario, Managing Director for Carousell Philippines

Carousell urges all to start buying and selling secondhand. From now till 30th April, Carousell users can list their secondhand items with #4theplanet to stand a chance to be featured in a special Earth Day collection. For more information, please visit 



  1. Wow this is great . Carousell has curated suggestions for users to improve their secondhand buy-sell experiences .

  2. Woww this good po,thanks for sharing ms.lou

  3. Carousell’s mission to inspire the world to start selling and buying.I try to buy secondhand as much as I can and I want to leave a better world.Carousell eventually inspires a lifestyle where secondhand becomes the first choice.

  4. Perfect ,Ganda namn ito ! I will check this po ma'am, this is good news po, so perfect

  5. Thanks for sharing this very helpful talaga and I really appreciat how they support buying second hand miski ako i prefer to buy 2nd hand as long as it works well 🥰


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