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Friday, April 15, 2022

Five Must-See Destinations in Coron

The best part of every travel on a beach is the island hopping. This is where you’ll discover the famous beaches, lakes and island. Lucky for us because Bacau Bay Resort Coron prepared the itinerary for our island hopping.

We went island hopping on our second day at Bacau Bay Resort Coron,Marina Pier. They offered their own boat with deck, complete with cold drinks, bottled water, fresh towels and snacks. Yes, We were pampered  from the hotel upfront and got a deluxe service for the whole day at the beach.  

First stop is at Twin Lagoon, since there were many people around the lagoon. We decided to just stay and swam at the first lagoon where we docked our boat.  There is a small crevice underneath the rock leading to the second lagoon. We were not able to cross the second lagoon so I just enjoyed the first lagoon for its warm water underneath.

2nd Stop is at Banol Beach ,its a long stretch of powdery white sand with picnic huts where you can have your lunch for the day. This is where we had our lunch prepared by Bacau Bay Resort Hotel Manager himself Sir Gilbert Uy. We feasted on seafood with fresh grilled big fish samaral, grilled liempo, red egg with tomatoes boodle fight buffet.

@lola_lamon Looks deep 💦 yes sabi ni kuya mga 20meters daw lalim neto. #beachhopping #kayanganlake #bacaunaman ♬ sonido original - Encanto✨
3rd Stop is at Barracuda Lake, a fresh water lake famous for its thermocline, where the water temperature varies at different layers and becomes warmer as you go deeper. This is where I swam longer to reach to the other side with long lime stone formation beneath the water. This was the day when barracudas appeared 10 meters below.  I was not able to see them because  I didn’t have my goggles with me.

target="_blank" title="♬ sonido original - Encanto✨">♬ sonido original - Encanto


4th Stop Kayangan Lake


This was the steepest and the longest climb leading to the lake. I was thankful that Im wearing my aqua shoes. It s an uphill climb of 300 steps towards the inland lake. Midway is where we stop to have our pictures taken from the breathtaking view of Coron island. 

The last stop is at Coral Garden, where some of us went snorkeling and kayaking. I just had a dip and enjoyed the water with colorful  fishes swimming around. Think Nemo. 

We went back at Marina Pier at around 630PM. We had our sumptuous dinner and slept the night, while some had their massage before retiring to sleep. 

These are the travel essentials you need for island hopping in Coron. 

To stay hydrated for the rest of the day, always have your bottled water with you. Bring one liter of water. Your sunscreen is your skin’s bestfriend, it’s a must to bring at least two with an SPF 50. For you and your feet’s safety, bring an aqua shoes, this one helped me with the trek and climb at Kayangan Lake. 


With island hopping, and beaches. Chances are, you’ll always have your phone with you near the water. Bring a water proof phone case with an adjustable lanyard. Protect your eyes and bring your sunglasses with you. Don’t forget to include insect repellant spray. Put all your travel essentials on your dry bag. For ootds it is a must to bring at least 2 swimsuits, sarongs, wide brimmed hat  and beach cover ups.


On our third day, I had my shiatsu massage at Alon Spa, where you can choose aromatheraphy oils suited for your aching body. I chose lavender oil to relax me throughout the day. 


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  1. Thank you for sharing this ms lou,yes,napakaganda naman talaga dito💚💚bet ko talaga to!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this ang ganda po talaga dyan sa coron palawan and nakakarelax gusto ko talaga sa kayangan lake ang ganda po and sure na great experience 🥰❤️

  3. The beauty of nature❤️Thank for sharing this!

  4. Jaw-dropping lakes and lagoons and other beach. Paradise place we shoud visit.

  5. Omg wow . Ang ganda ganda nman ng place na to . Must visit this place! ❤️

  6. So perfect with that ma'am, ang ganda po talaga best destination!

  7. Yay perfect place para mag relax Ms Lou lalo na ngayong summer pa din let's bet the heat🤩


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