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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Habitat for Humanity Philippines launches Christmas campaign

 This season of giving, Habitat for Humanity Philippines urges every Juan to celebrate a purposeful holiday and spark hope by helping build decent, affordable, and disaster-resilient homes and improving the lives of low-income Filipino families.


Launching its Christmas campaign called “Pasko sa Bahay ni Juan,” Habitat Philippines encourages Filipinos to start a tradition of giving back and help build resilient, sustainable communities by supporting programs for housing, community development, disaster response, hygiene promotion, and youth and volunteer engagement.


“Habitat Philippines has always believed that there’s strength in numbers to help build homes, communities, and hope. Through ‘Pasko sa Bahay ni Juan,’ we hope to become an avenue for each individual to begin a tradition of providing endless opportunities for less privileged families by helping build a decent home. Every Juan can start a ripple of impact. The spirit of giving back is strong during this time of the year, but the impact we can make and the hope we can give to a family in need of a decent home goes beyond the holiday season.  It all begins with everyone’s contribution and efforts. When we inspire more people to give, together, we can transform more lives,” said Habitat Philippines CEO Mardi Mapa-Suplido.

As part of its Christmas campaign, Habitat Philippines initiates partnerships with various corporations and establishments frequently visited by the public this holiday season. This includes corporations, malls, hotels, business process outsourcing agencies, and other companies with the goal to raise awareness of the housing need and encourage individuals to sign up as donors, helping less privileged Filipino families improve their access to safe, decent housing.


To make gift-giving more meaningful and extra-special, Habitat Philippines has also thoughtfully curated its annual Christmas catalog that features donation vouchers equivalent to materials that can help build a home, Christmas baskets for families, a ‘Gift of Hope’ Certificate in honor of a loved one, and gift items that will help improve the livelihood of homeowners in Habitat communities. 


Habitat Philippines’ advocates and shelter champions Binibining Pilipinas International 2022 Nicole Borromeo and young entrepreneur Jardin Wong also show their support for the Pasko sa Bahay ni Juan Christmas campaign by sharing their own advocacies and experiences.


Borromeo, who joined volunteer activities in September to help repair homes at the Humanity Ville community in Calauan, Laguna, recalled her community immersion experience. “My experience going to Habitat’s community in Calauan, Laguna felt very fulfilling to me. I did not only get to help with gardening, improving the playground, and even upgrading the hall, but I also got to witness firsthand how the community came together because they saw the value of taking pride and care of the place they call home. I really learned the value of commitment. When people come together, especially for an incredible cause, we can create ripples of impact that can truly transform and uplift lives.”


Wong, who mobilized a donation of over Php2 million during his birthday for a cause on September 3, also encouraged the public to support the campaign. “The festivities of the Christmas season bring forth excitement and vigor that reverberates throughout the country. Filipino families have continuously celebrated this occasion by exemplifying the tradition of giving and charity. Habitat Philippines’ ‘Pasko sa Bahay ni Juan’ campaign celebrates this longstanding custom and expounds on the idea of a perfect gift - one anchored on the dream for every Filipino household to have access to safe and decent homes.”


Empowering families, mobilizing donors, volunteers for every Juan


A decent home provides safety and security for a family. For Charlito Rasonable, one of the 80 homeowners in the recently completed Paknaan Housing Project in Mandaue City, Cebu, having their own home has been his lifelong dream. Before the relocation, his family lived along the river in Subangdaku. As informal settlers, they experienced multiple demolitions and forced evictions, transferring from one inadequate house to another and fearing for their safety. So, when the Paknaan Housing Project came to fruition, Rasonable was overjoyed that he would finally have a decent home in a safe community – a treasure he could give his daughter.


“When you have a house like this, you have peace of mind. Even though I’m at work and my child is at home, I am relieved that she is safe and secure, unlike when we used to live in a danger zone. I would get anxious whenever I heard the fire truck’s siren from my workplace. I was worried about the fire because my daughter was alone. Here, I am assured that she’s safe,” said Rasonable, adding, “It is every parent’s dream to have a decent home for the family. I came from a difficult life with nothing, so I aspired and strived for it. This is it! My dream became possible!”


Rasonable is just one of over 150,000 families that Habitat Philippines has supported through its housing and community development programs, which the “Bahay ni Juan” campaign aims to sustain further. “Bahay ni Juan” is Habitat Philippines’ individual giving campaign launched in July. It recognizes the capacity of individual donors to contribute to the sustainability of its  Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable, and Empowered (RISE) Communities Program, which uses a holistic, comprehensive approach to uplift the lives of Filipino families through decent housing.


Drawing inspiration from “Bahay ni Juan,” the Christmas campaign aims to engage more people to be part of the #JuanCrew – a community of givers that support, advocate, and contribute to helping build decent homes and sustainable communities for less privileged Filipino families.


To empower its current donors and encourage their network to create a lasting impact, Habitat Philippines will soon roll out a donor-incentive scheme that includes merchandise and referral rewards, among others, as tokens of appreciation for their contribution to the campaign. Donors will also get an opportunity to be part of volunteer engagement activities and immerse with the homeowners in Habitat communities.


Building a legacy through Bahay ni Juan


Inspired by Habitat Philippines’ call to build a legacy by helping provide a livable home for every Juan, architect and entrepreneur Charm de Leon pledged to support the Bahay ni Juan campaign and encouraged her followers to do the same. In her social media post, Charm explained to her supporters how to donate and what their donation could do to help build a home.


While grateful for their own home, Millennial Couple reminds their followers that not every Filipino has the privilege of having decent shelter. For their anniversary this year, Franchezka and Kenneth de Guzman also pledged to help fund the construction of homes for low-income families.


This holiday season, give the gift of hope and make a lasting impact. Be part of the #JuanCrew by helping build safe, decent homes for Filipino families. Donate to Habitat Philippines’ Bahay ni Juan campaign today:


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