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Monday, December 5, 2022

The first-ever youth community club from IKEA is here!

Club exp is an online community launching first here in the Philippines. This free club is open for young teens ages 13-20 years old where they can express, explore and experience IKEA like never before. 

IKEA dubs Club exp their ‘gamified loyalty club’ where members are rewarded for completing missions about their home life, school life and social life. After creating a free Club exp online account, members can start completing missions, gain exp keys to level up their tier and interact with other clubmates through forums and Q&As by IKEA.

How to join Club exp:

  1. Visit to create a FREE account
  2. Fill-out the details of you and your parent/guardian
  3. Parent/guardian will receive a parental consent notice allowing the teen to join Club exp
  4. Once confirmed, fill-out the rest of your details and you’re ready to start completing missions!

Since Club exp is first and foremost a community, think of it as a social media platform.  You can post photos and videos that you can share with your clubmates and send questions and reach out to our IKEA community managers directly. You may also interact with your fellow clubmates and share all your interests and passions under the sun. Club exp is a space to be inspired, meet new friends, and share what make’s today’s youth experiences uniquely theirs.

The current loyalty club of IKEA, IKEA Family, was launched last July 2022 to welcome the many Filipinos to the biggest family in the world. IKEA Family members must be 21 and up to join and get rewards and benefits each time they shop at IKEA. 

Now with over 500,000 IKEA Family members in the Philippines, IKEA launches Club exp, an online community club made for teens 13-20 years old.

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