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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LBC-HONGKONG: Fostering the Overseas Community Spirit

The city of Hong Kong is home to over 190,000 Filipinos who make their living in that sprawling metropolis across the sea. Although many do seek jobs abroad for the sake of their loved ones, their work nonetheless takes them far away from their friends and families here in the Philippines. The distance and isolation from all things that are familiar can take its toll even on the most hard-working expat.

(L-R) LBC Express, Inc. CEO Santiago Araneta, Philippine Consul General to Hong Kong Bernadita Catalla, LBC President Mike Camahort, and LBC Director Toby Gan officially opened LBC’s Hong Kong Branch at North Point, the largest LBC branch worldwide. The facility will also serve as a community hub for OFWs in Hong Kong.

It is with this in mind that LBC Express recently opened their largest international branch in Hong Kong at King’s Road, North Point. In addition to offering multiple dedicated counters for remittance, sea and air cargo, and striped bags in their new store, LBC also encourages their fellow Pinoys in Hong Kong to consider the new Filipino Activity Center as a place where they could gather and relax.

LBC’s newest branch indeed functions as a one-stop shop for overseas Filipinos. Aside from being a main hub for sending their Padala home, the activity center offers free internet terminals and WiFi to give Filipinos their much needed contact with their friends and families across the sea. Customers can enjoy vending machine snacks and watch TV as they relax in the air-conditioned area, which provides much relief from the changeable Hong Kong weather. LBC also provides valuable shuttle services from Central or City Garden North Point to the store, to ease the strain of commuting in the bustling city.

“We want to give our customers a safe and comfortable place to transact their business and connect with their loved ones at home,” Maria Ana Aramgo, LBC-Hong Kong’s area head, said. “There’s no way we can repay their loyalty or trust in our services over the years, but we hope that giving our customers a place where they can foster a sense of community and make themselves at home is a start.”

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