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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Klio Food Keepers can be your partner in summer activities with your kids

Aside from Christmas, summer vacation is the kids' favorite time of the year. Finally, a respite from months of pouring over books and struggling over homework.

But summer break should not be an excuse for kids to just laze around for two months. There are many fun, productive activities your children can engage in.

Are your children interested in athletic activities? Why not enroll them in sports clinics or let them take swimming lessons?

For the artistically inclined, get in touch with local artists who hold summer art workshops. Those who love music can enroll in voice, guitar or piano lessons.

If you don't have the budget for professionally taught lessons, you can also teach your children how to cook in your very own kitchen. 

Klio Food Keepers can be your partner in all of these activities. Store ingredients in Klio Food Keepers' clear containers and help the junior chefs identify each food item. Teach them that ingredients should be separated from each other to avoid spoilage. You can also use Klio Food Keepers for food preparations like marinating.

If your children have lessons outside the home, prepare baon for them and store these in Klio Food Keepers to ensure that hazardous chemicals are not leached into their food. Klio Food Keepers can also be sealed tightly, avoiding spillage.

A bonus is that these products come in different vibrant colors perfect for the season. Have a fun, colorful summer with Klio Food Keepers!

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