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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chef JP Anglo sets the right mood for Russell Hobbs Mood Food Cookbook

Certain food affects once mood. For instance, did you know that the food you eat may also enhance the experience for a romantic evening? Or that chocolate you are about to eat contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine that creates a feeling of excitement. Our comfort food makes us happy and better right after consuming it. That bowl of "ramen" which is one of my favorite comfort food calms and stimulate my nerves after a hard day's work.

Russell Hobbs, a UK global leader in small kitchen appliances teams up with Chef JP Anglo, the famous celebrity chef behind "Sarsa Kitchen" by launching Mood Food Cookbook at Top Shelf Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street last April 29. The cookbook sets the mood for the mouthwatering recipes for every kind of emotion and ambience that can easily be done in a compact, modern kitchen. The cookbook also showcases how simple recipes can become gustatory delights that can enhance the mood and the whole dining experience at the comfort of one’s home.

Chef JP Anglo cooked the delicious "lechon kawali" and "panini" using the Russell Hobbs Purifry and Panini Maker.

The Purifry does not require oil to heat, which in-turn reduces the cooking time. You can roast and bake with it,  you can cook meat, fish and vegetables separately.

While our table concocted  the healthiest fruity smoothie that I loved using Russell Hobbs Fruit blender. The Strawberry citrus smoothie has a twist of lemon and orange. It smells and tastes healthy just the way I liked my drink in the morning.

“Ever wondered why some dishes are called comfort food? It plays a crucial role in our lives – it does not only provide sustenance, it can also help in triggering the moods and emotions that we have,” said Chef JP Anglo, the man behind the recipes in the book. “With Mood Food, we will show everyone how easy it is to prepare food that would suit or enhance their moods. And with the help of Russell Hobbs, the dishes are not only a burst of flavors, but also a treat for the eyes.”
Chef JP Anglo gamely signed his book for us after the event. As I flipped around pages, I drooled at the sight of the food being presented. It already set the mood and mode for dining out later.

With the Russell Hobbs’ Mood Food cookbook. Aside from recipes, the cookbook also showcases the various small appliances from Russell Hobbs that elevate cooking and food preparation at home.
“Preparing food can be a daunting task without the proper equipment. With Russell Hobbs’ small kitchen appliances, everyone can be an expert in the kitchen preparing scrumptious dishes in the comfort of their own homes,” said Clarence Cu, president and CEO of TOCOMS, the exclusive distributor of Russell Hobbs in the Philippines. “Our goal is to bring the comforts of a modern, compact kitchen to every household.”

With the Russell Hobbs’ Mood Food cookbook and the line of Russell Hobbs small appliances, eating at home will never be the same. Gone are the days of guilt-laden takeout or having pizza every night, with Russell Hobbs, modern life has never felt more homey.

Russell Hobbs’ exquisite line of small kitchen appliances is now available at all leading appliance and department stores nationwide. For more details and updates, follow Russell Hobbs Philippines at

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