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Sunday, April 26, 2015

ROUND 1: Clara Ole holds "Game Night" theme Potluck Foodfest

Are you ready to rumble this Sunday for the biggest Boxing Fight in History between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and our very own Manny Pacquiao?

For the past several years, the matches of Manny Pacquiao have become unofficial national holidays. The streets are empty, the crime rate is almost zero and Filipinos are one in cheering for the People’s Champion.

So what's the next worse thing about missing the Pac-May fight? 

Watching it alone. 

Its no fun to watch this historic boxing match all by your lonesome, so why not invite your family or few friends over to share in the excitement.

And if you're worried about the preparations, Clara Ole has got you covered with a lot of products that will make planning and cooking the perfect dish a lot easier.  

Last week, Clara Ole’s kicks of its First Potluck Foodfest with a “Game Night” themed party hosted by blogger Annalyn Jusay and her friends last Saturday, April 25, 2015, at the Lanai area of the Amvel Condominium in Paranaque City.

The event showcased several dishes, using Clara Ole’s various products, which you can easily prepare if you plan to host a Pacquiao viewing party at your home this Sunday.

For starters, Annalyn prepared “Pac-Balls,” (pork meatballs) and “Mayweather lollies,” (chicken lollipops) which can be dipped in either Clara Ole Guava Jelly or Strawberry Jam to give these appetizers an exchange of salty-sweet balance.

For those who prefer a healthier option, blogger Kenny Ngo, brought her specially made “Las Vegas Salad,”-- mixed greens and macaroni topped generously with Clara Ole’s Thousand Island or creamy ranch dressing.

To keep your energy levels up during those intense moments, Annalyn and her officemate Richard Saldana came up with two pasta suggestions.

 Annalyn showcased her specialty which she dubbed the Kung Pao Counterpunch, spicy shrimp pasta made tastier and easier to prepare with

Richard meanwhile made Southpaw Pasta in honor of his favorite boxer using Clara Ole’s Three Cheese pasta sauce.

Finally for desserts, Annalyn friends contributed two sweet treats: Arpee Lazaro’s Pound for Pound pudding topped in Clara Ole strawberry jam or Chocolate Syrup, while Gene Yao prepared a colorful Fruit Kebab drizzled in Clara Ole’s Blueberry, Tutti Fruity or Strawberry syrup.

Celebrity host Amy Perez made a surprise appearance to share some #diskartips while Chef Kat Laxamana taught guests on how to do simple plating.

“Game night” is the first of Clara Ole’s Potluck Foodfest, a series of eight themed potluck mini parties at condo residences. Clara Ole will be going around different condos of different personalities, who will then invite their neighbors, family, and friends to share their own signature dish using Clara Ole. Aside from recipes, they will get to share time and space-saving tips, hacks and helpful information to make fast-paced living a little bit easier. 

More than just pasta sauces, the Potluck Foodfest will showcase other delicious and healthy dishes made with Clara Ole products such as dips n’ dressings, vinaigrettes, and marinades.
For more exciting news on what else Clara Ole has in store for everyone, visit their Facebook page at and follow their Instagram and Pinterest accounts @ClaraOlePH.
Join in and post a photo of your Clara Ole-infused meals and cooking tips and tag us using the hashtags #ClaraOlePotluck and #diskartips!

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  1. Amazing feeling every bite of the dish with Clara ole dressing taste like nothing else can beat it... Simplest dish made family member have unity... I always have this at home for me to share it with my Family and friends... I think I will go with my friends to this event... this Clara ole never fails to let me see what I have to see... taste so good and nothing can beat its magic... Awesome flavor to input in it as well... I always bring one of these at the office for my emergencies :) for that very reason I always a lot of these online at with their nice quality service that made it possible thank you for sharing your greatness to the Filipino people...


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