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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Klio Food Keepers, Your Best Choice for Food Safety and Freshness

Food storage keepers are essential to one's home, which food containers are best to use depends on its sizes, lids and unique needs. When shopping for a quality food containers, always look for a BPA free plastic and a lid that is tight fitting and spill resistant, with inner and outer seal for superior protection. Sizes and colors also matters, sizes like rectangular, square and round shapes.

With each shape having its own set of benefits and limitations.  Square food storage containers maximize storage space. It is serve to hold more product in a smaller area of space. Which shape you like depends on your storage space and personal preference.

Klio, one of the leading local players in the plastic food storage industry has been around the country since 1999.

They offer a wide variety and full-line product series with customized lid-color options which is easy to open, secured and well sealed to guarantee food freshness. The body design is clear and BPA free, which guarantees quality materials that is good for wet ingredients, dry ingredients, fresh produce, sauces, soups, dips, baon,  and also good for storing candies and chocolates as well. The possibilities are endless with these food keepers.

I was able to use Klio food keepers for our town fiesta and I should say, it does its job of keeping the food safe and secured, my parents were able to transport the food containers without the leaks from our house to theirs.  They are happy with the products that they decided to buy the whole set last week. When shopping for Klio food keepers  dont forget to look for this symbol.

The Klio food keepers are safe for food storage, sealed and secured for maximum freshness, microwave and freezer safe. It is washable, stackable and space saving. It is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. They are also available in colors of pink, green, blue, white and clear to segregate colors for your loved ones use.

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