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Thursday, August 31, 2017

City of San Jose Del Monte lights up the whole city on Sept 8 for the Tanglawan Festival

At the mention of “sustainability”, environmental awareness and conservation comes to mind. While these concepts are well and good, the City of San Jose Del Monte (CSJDM) believes that another ingredient is needed to achieve complete sustainability: a sense of community fostered through cooperation.

Last year, CSJDM launched the Tanglawan Festival. The festival’s name, which is derived from the root word “ilaw” or light, celebrates the genuine cheerfulness of the residents as they work together towards becoming a “Sustainable City”. Now on its second year, the message is no different, but it will be delivered with more festive and meaningful activities throughout the eight-day festival.

The festivities start off on September 3, 2017 with a Mass in honor of the Lady of Lourdes, a famous religious icon in the city. It will then be capped off by an Animation Light Show and a performance by Parokya ni Edgar on September 10, 2017. In between, there will be various activities like livelihood workshops, performances, cooking demos, and many others.

Also, on September 8, 2017, the city will attempt to break the Guinness record for the World’s Largest Lantern Parade, which is expected to be a glowing spectacle of lights and creativity. Singapore currently holds said record with a total of 10,568 participants.

“Through the [Tanglawan Festival’s] activities we hope to enrich the lives of our city’s residents and to foster a culture of cooperation,” said Hon. Florida “Rida” P. Robes, District Representative of CSJDM.

“It’s also an opportunity for us to get together and show that San JoseƱo’s can do great things, like become a sustainable and cheerful city, if we do it together,” she added.

The Tanglawan Festival will be held in many different venues in the city on September 3, 2017 unitl September 10, 2017. More information on the Tanglawan Festival and its activities are available on the CSJDM Official Website (

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