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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Get a chance to take home an awesome rrrrrride with 7-Eleven

Want to zoom past the busy metro traffic? Don't worry! Because with the latest 7-Eleven promo, you can say goodbye to the hassles of your everyday commute!

Win a brand-new motorcycle or even some serious cash just by buying a drink from the 7-Eleven fridge! With the newest 7-Eleven promo, Awesome Rrrrrride!, you now have a chance to be one of 56 winners of a Yamaha Mio i125s or one of the 5 lucky people to win 100,000 pesos worth of cash.

Earn an e-raffle entry when you scan your CLiQQ card/app every time you buy a P50 single receipt worth of any drink in the 7-Eleven fridge! Wines, liquors, and City Blends (12oz.) are also included in the promo. Make sure to register your CLiQQ card/app to be eligible to join!

Buying Booster items will also earn you one (1) e-raffle entry. For the list of booster items, visit:

The raffle draws will be held every two weeks starting August 2 until September 20. For every raffle draw, 14 winners of Yamaha Mio i125s and 1 winner of P100,000 cash will be named. Winners will be announced and posted in the 7-Eleven Philippines Website and Facebook page.

Register and use your CLiQQ Card/App to join, and get a chance to take home an awesome rrrrrride.


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