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Friday, August 25, 2017

Snowbinge-ing at Snowbing

I always thought our "halo halo--" with all those different ingredients were the best thing to happen to iced desserts--besides ice cream of course. Then comes
"bingsu," a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that could include chopped fruit, milk, fruit syrup, cereal flakes and ice cream. Okay its still like "halo-halo" just a bit more refined--especially once you take that first spoonful of shaved ice.

And once you try it, I swear you'd be calling out "Cheat Day" a lot more often.

The first time I heard about bingsu was last year. When I saw these  teenagers coming in and out of one bingsu store in Makati. I was curious with what they're eating so I decided to try one-- which I must have finished in record time.  It was the best smooth shave desserts that I had.  It was heaven and for during 15 minutes or so, I didnt care about anything else.

Choco Brownie php188

Last week, I got invited (August 14) to try Snowbing in SM North EDSA . I said yes right away because not only was it near our house, but also because I've been hearing a lot of good things about Snowbing.

Tropical Fruit Bingsu php168

I came from another event and was quite famished when I arrived at their very well lit store.  It as a good thing they also served pasta and pizza!

As for my bingsu I decided to order the Tropical Fruit for my bingsu (thinking the fruits would at least make me less guilty).  I was surprised that their bingsu was way more affordable starting at php168 an order.

So I decided to order two!

Korean Pasta php198

Pepperoni Pizza php99

But before that, let me tell you about their pasta. They have three types, Kimchi, Korean and Salted Egg Pasta. For those who like their pasta spicy, I suggest you go for the Kimchi pasta. It was spicy, tasty and the pasta al dente. Just like the way I want it. If you are feeling a bit less adventurous you can try their Korean pasta or the more creamy Salted Egg pasta.  Each order is good enough for one person so I suggest you also order a slice of pizza.

What I love about Snowbing is that everything in the menu is budget-friendly and does not compromise taste and quality. What you see is what you get. That's why I ordered a cheezy mango bingsu next after tropical fruit. Okay, I know i must have "snowbinged" a little bit.

My favorite however turned out to be the Choco Brownie. Of all the other flavors I tried, it was the best, not too sweet and the brownie chunks add a bit of texture to the shaved ice and ice cream.

Salted Caramel

Cheezy Mango

Korean Pasta 

Salted Egg Pasta php198

*Photo Images from Ed Uy of

Visit Snowbing now at the UGF City Center of SM City North EDSA! 

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