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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why are LED TVs for sale when OLEDs are here?

At this year's CES, Samsung once again ushered in a new era of TV as it unveiled their new QLED TVs.

They even made a grand launch here in the Philippines a couple of months ago and dubbed it as the "Next Frontier."

QLED stands for  Quantum Dot technology, and the Samsung QLED TV turns light into perfect color, making a powerful combination that revolutionizes picture quality. 

The new television line is said to  offer HDR 1500 brightness and 100% color volume expression, enabling viewers to watch scenes just as how the creator intended them to be. It can also reproduce almost any color known to man, making HDR content more vibrant and natural-looking.

If you go to any appliance store Samsung's QLED TVs will immediately get your attention because of its stunning picture quality and will make you want to enter the store.

Now I'm not much of a TV expert but the one thing I noticed was that Samsung had a lot of models on display some of which are the older LED models. Which made me think why they are still selling these older models when they are already pushing for a new standard in TV.

Are Filipinos being sent old, unsold TVs by Samsung does that mean we still prefer the older HD and LED TVs than the newer ones?

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