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Friday, August 4, 2017

#SharetheLove with McDonald’s meal

Who knew that August is Romance Awareness Month? Yet another reason for us to express and share love more often! True to its love ko ‘to catchphrase, McDonald’s takes Romance Awareness Month up a notch with its latest online video.

Real-life couples from different ages and walks of life share their real stories of love that happened at McDo or over their favorite McDo products. These stories include the teenage couple who had the Internet buzzing over their DIY Chicken McNuggets bouquet early this year, as well as the guy who proposed to his long-time girlfriend by placing her would-be engagement ring inside a Big Mac box!

Amid the current culture of hugot and cynicism online, the video gives glimmers of hope and enough reasons to smile and believe in love again. You’d be surprised at how happy endings are lovelier with every bite of your favorite McDonald’s meal or every visit to the store!

Tell your loved ones about your inspiring story of love —whether it’s your own, your parents’, or your friend’s. Don't forget to use #ShareTheLove and tag us!


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