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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Moms’ Words of Wisdom that We all Need in our Daily Lives

Growing up, people have probably found themselves at least once in their lives to be sharing stories about the usual phrases they would hear from their moms. From witty punch lines to sermons they already know by heart, there will always be common wisdom from Filipino moms that all kids can seem relate to.

Years later, people look back with immense gratitude for all the incredible insights their moms have bestowed upon them. It instilled in them many great lessons that molded them to be the persons they are today, compelling them into realizing that moms indeed know best.

Now, as we spend this time in our lives staying inside our homes, it is in moments like this that her unparalleled wisdom becomes even more glaring. From teaching us proper hygiene to equipping us with the right domestic skills, her words continue to make her presence felt in our lives, reassuring us that she is always with us as we get through these times. 

And so, with twenty-twenty in hindsight, here are the top eight things we have learned from our moms that we now deem to be helpful and practical:

“Eat your vegetables”

Remember being a kid and hiding from your mom so you won’t have to eat your vegetables? Newsflash, it’s the year 2020, and stocking your body with nutrients is the most essential thing to do. You realize that learning to eat vegetables at a young age and expanding your palate to be healthier is an edge when one grows older.

“Wash your hands”

It has always been mom’s unceasing reminder to wash our hands after we play and before we eat – and lo and behold, she was right. Now, we don’t just wash our hands for the sake of keeping clean, but also to protect ourselves and the people around us from getting sick.

 “Make your bed every morning” 

Now that we have no other place to go but our house, we must keep things neat and clean at all times. People now learn to do different house chores, as they help their moms maintain a conducive and healthy environment for all members of the household.

“Pursue your Dreams”

Our moms have always been our #1 cheerleader. She has always believed in our skills and ability to reach for our dreams. Being in the house for the whole duration of the quarantine leaves people with some spare time to pursue passions outside their school or jobs. This again proves why mom was right when she said that channeling our energies into learning new skills and pursuing our dreams can keep us motivated during difficult times.

“Learn how to cook”

“Everyone seems to be baking these days!” Yes, and that’s all good! #QuarantineCooking has been a trend on social media lately. Although they say that nothing beats mom’s cooking, we take inspiration from the hearty meals she has prepared for us growing up and recreate it with our own personal touch. 

 “Save money for the rainy days”

This is something that moms would usually say to motivate kids into saving their own money. And with the world undergoing such an unpredicted time, no truer words have been spoken. Being smart with managing hard-earned cash and occasionally putting off instant gratifications may help a person for when the time comes that resources are truly needed.

“You’ll understand me when you’re older”

You have probably heard her say this recently already, and rightfully so! As people age, they eventually get into that vantage point where they realize that mom was always the beacon of wisdom. The lessons she has imparted to her children became their solid rock, molding them to be the persons they are now.

“My love for you is unconditional”

There’s no emotion in the world that is more powerful and moving than a mother’s love. Even though we didn’t realize the importance of her words when we were younger, the unconditional love of our mothers shines through. That is why this Mother’s Day, remember all the things that your mom did to show her unconditional love for you and say, #AkoNamanMa. 

Want to know more about how moms exemplify unconditional love? Watch this latest Mother’s Day video from PLDT Home:

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