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Friday, May 8, 2020

Celebrate Mom all month long at Goldilocks

We live in unusual and challenging times. What we are going through now with the fight against an unseen enemy has definitely altered the way we live; it has changed the way we work, the way we learn, the way we socialize and even the way we celebrate.  Those who are most keenly affected by this pandemic are our brave frontliners and their families.

Isel Dalmino, a healthcare provider in Cardinal Santos Medical Center, San Juan, is one of the many heroes in the frontlines. She and many other brave souls in the healthcare system will not be able to spend Mother’s Day with their moms and families, as they are constantly working to combat the Covid-19 virus.  However, she draws strength and inspiration from her mother whose life lessons she carries with her every day.

Isel describes her mother Marites as strong, selfless, and supportive. While Marites understands the importance of her daughter’s oath to be a healthcare professional, she naturally worries and cares about the safety and health of her daughter.  Isel shared how her mother has prepared her for the challenges she is taking on right now. “I am thankful for how she raised us,” she said, referring to Marites. “She taught us to be strong and smart, and made sure that we can take care of ourselves. Thank you, Mama.”
Goldilocks honors the sacrifice of these brave frontliners and wanted to help them celebrate Mother’s Day amidst these challenges. Goldilocks surprised mommy Marites with a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance.  “Thank you so much Goldilocks for making this advance Mother’s Day celebration possible and extra special!” Isel shares.

Goldilocks is celebrating mothers for the whole month of May because our moms definitely deserve more than just a day of celebration for their love and care. With the desire to make frontliners like Isel and her family happy, Goldilocks will be sending cakes to some deserving families throughout the month.  

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