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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

7-Election is back and you’re invited to #SpeakCUP

Starting March 9 to April 27, will hold 7-Election 2022, its unofficial and unscientific yet fun and creative mock poll. Now on its third run, 7-Election  gives everyone, regardless of voting age, the freedom and opportunity to cast as many votes as they want by choosing the cup of their presidential bet.


There is so much going on in the country, especially with the upcoming presidential elections just months away. The toxic conversations, spread of false information, and the rise of ‘cancel culture’ can be so overwhelming. So if you need a break from it all, 7-Eleven is here to bring convenience — and provide a safe space to #SpeakCUP and be heard!


Cast your cups and cheers! 

Available in City Cafe and GULP cups which start at P39 and P35 respectively.


The 2022 edition is also made better with City Cafe joining the campaign together with GULP. Now with more beverage options, the public can have fun, keep cool, and stay woke while participating in political conversations! 


7-Election offers a fun way to vote because at 7-Eleven, walang basagan ng drink! There are six available cups, each representing a presidentiable namely: Ping Lacson, Bongbong Marcos, Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao, and Leni Robredo, and one undecided cup for those who have yet to make a decision.


Despite being an unofficial and unscientific way to vote, the 7-Election campaign has correctly predicted the winners of the presidential elections since it began in 2010. 

These specially-designed 22oz GULP and 12oz City Cafe cups, each with a unique barcode, 

will be available in over 3,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide from March 9 to April 27.


Customers can participate in this fun mock poll by availing a GULP or City Cafe drink from over 3,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide, starting at P35 for Gulp and P39 for City Café. One scanned cup equates to one vote. Votes are tallied daily and are reflected on the 7-Eleven microsite, can visit and view their specific 7-Eleven store’s leaderboard tally, which is updated every Friday.


It’s only during 7-Election that registered and unregistered, of-age and underage customers alike can vote for their presidential bet more than once, and even change their mind midway. 


While the campaign gives people a fun break from all the seriousness, 7-Election aims to promote voter awareness, encourage responsible voting, and ultimately, give the public a chance to be heard while engaging in healthy conversations with fellow Filipinos. 


If you’re looking to do a trial run of the upcoming 2022 presidential elections, 7-Eleven is the place to be. Head over to the nearest 7-Eleven store to #SpeakCUP and cast your vote! 



  1. Yay ang cute malaman din jan kung sino bet nilang candidate. Sana available na din yan dito sa amin😍.

  2. Wow ang galing nman ng seven eleven . Nkakatuwa ung cups nila ❤️ my ksama pang undecided 😁

  3. Hala ang ganda ng cups nila🥰

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  5. Super nice nito and through this way u can show ur support to your president 👍

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